Edward Snowden the NSA leaker sent word through his attorney that even though he is living under protective guard in the repressive regime of Russia he feels he’s in danger and when he does leave his lair he goes out he goes out in disguise.

 According to the Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena

“I am his only link with the outside world at the moment. Even his contacts with his parents are carried out through me,” Kucherena said in an interview published in Itogi weekly [a Russian IT]magazine.

Kucherena gave few details of how Snowden occupies his time, but said he is able to go out in disguise.

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“He would walk past you and you wouldn’t recognise him,” he told Itogi.

“It’s a question of clothes and small alternations to his appearance. So I’m not deceiving anyone: he really does walk freely around on the streets.”

Snowden has also made quick progress in learning Russian, his lawyer said.

“He is an extremely fast learner as far as the Russian language is concerned,” Kucherena said in another interview that will air Monday on Kremlin-funded RT television.

“He only needs a few hours or days to learn the ropes and start speaking,” the lawyer said in comments dubbed into English.

Kucherena is a high-powered Russian lawyer and adviser to Vladimir Putin who says he is working for free because Snowden is running out of cash. The attorney is worried that the leaker will be snatched up by the NSA and taken back to the US for trial.

“Snowden’s former colleagues could try to use the arrival of the parents to track down his location. I have definite information, which I can’t reveal now, which suggests the danger level is very high,” he told Itogi.

Sorry if I don’t feel too bad for Snowden. I would have been more comfortable with Snowden’s leaks if he had first gone
to someone like Senator Rand Paul or Ted Cruz with the information. As
libertarians they would have run with the information without leaking
the details. And if they didn’t well then he could look for a more
public way.

Some of his more recent revelations indicate that his real goal is not to “whistle blow” but to gain his 15 minutes of fame by embarrassing the country of his birth.

The NSA program of downloading the phone call information of each and
every American phone call is much broader than anyone thought—even
broader than the supporters of the patriot act.  I believe that it is an
affront to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.   However wrong it
is—it is also very “legal.”  A FISA judge approved the action
(incorrectly IMHO).

Revealing classified information is not legal, even if it reveals data on a program I disagree with. So I feel a bit happy that the NSA leaker doesn’t feel exactly comfortable in Russia.  But he should cheer up…he is a guest in Putin’s Russia and should be thankful he isn’t treated like a citizen.