According to the latest CBS News/YouGov poll, even Hispanics strongly favor deporting illegals back to wherever they came from.

The poll ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>published on Sunday found that a majority over all, 62 percent, say they want deportations to begin.

Unsurprisingly, the large majority, 88 percent, of registered Republicans favor deportation. But even 60 percent of independents agree. Naturally, the anti-American Democrat Party is against it and only 38 percent of these unpatriotic creeps favor deportation of dangerous, useless, expensive illegals.

But one group might send shockwaves through the anti-American Democrats.

Per Breitbart News:

The poll found that if a national deportation program comes to fruition, most respondents would favor empowering local law enforcement to try and identify illegal aliens in their communities. Of the respondents, 62 percent said they would support “local police and law enforcement trying to identify which people were U.S. citizens, and which were undocumented immigrants.” Nearly four in ten voters would oppose this.

Most independents (57 percent) and Republicans (84 percent) would be in favor of police working to identify illegal immigrants if there were a national deportation operation. A majority of 57 percent of Hispanics and nearly half of Democrats (45 percent) would support this as well.

Ooops. That seems like bad news for Biden.

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