A new poll finds that a large number of voters don’t think Joe Biden would still be alive by the end of a second term and they are sure he would die in office.

The poll from the Mail Online found that 33 percent of voters think Biden will die off before the end of a second term. Meanwhile, only 38 percent think he could survive a second term.

If this country is unfortunate enough to see Biden win a second term, he will be set up for four more years that won’t expire until 2029. But many voters think Biden will expire long before his term does. Joe Biden would be 85 by the time his second term ends.

consequently, 36 percent of voters think that Kamala Harris will be president sometime in the next four years if Biden wins re-election this Nov.

Per the paper:

Voters think Biden is too old, and they are not changing their mind. The difficulty for Biden is that views of him are not shaped through events such as his State of the Union address—which people who had seen it felt was fiery—but through consumption of the hundreds of viral social media clips of Biden stumbling and slurring.

That solid perception that he is too old feeds through to a sense he is too weak, and it is a major problem for him going into November. Frankly, they do not think he is up to the job—and that makes his re-election a much harder task.

While Donald Trump is relatively close in age to Biden — being only four years younger — far fewer voters doubt his capacity to survive another term in the White House.

The poll finds that fully 54 percent are confident he can survive all the way through until 2029. And only 21 percent are not confident.

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