A new poll finds that a majority of people now believe that the U.S. mainstream media work for the Democrat Party and that they are truly the “enemy of the people.”

The Rasmussen poll, conducted May 16-18, 2023, from 1,002 U.S. likely voters, found very bad news for the national media.

Some of the questions the poll asked respondents include:

  • Do you trust the political news you are getting?
  • Does news media coverage of politics generally tend to favor Democrats or Republicans? Or is political coverage in the news media mostly neutral and balanced?
  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The media are “truly the enemy of the people”?

In some of the results, 52 percent said that they don’t trust the political media, while only 30 percent said they do trust the media.

Also, 59 percent say that the media is an enemy to the American people

This has been getting worse for the media year in and year out. Yet, the media drives farther left every year, refusing to heed the warning signs that they are destroying themselves.

That is how dedicated they are to the radical, anti-American left.

They understand that they are now in a race to destroy America immediately. They know they cannot come back from their ruined reputation. And they don’t care. They are going for broke at this point.

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