Let’s face it–2020 sucked big time—it was a train wreck. 2020 was the Y2k we were supposed to have twenty years ago.  It was to good years as former president Bubba Clinton is to monogamy, Joe Biden is to having a sharp mind, and/or Chuck Schumer is to putting the love of country before politics.   politics in 2020

The year started with China giving the WHO a half-true about the discovery of COVID-19, the Democrats impeaching President Trump on a bogus charge, and me being put in Facebook jail for about a month.  It ended with the fraud-laden presidential election of a man who is obviously suffering from a loss of mental capacity, congress creating a pork-laden stimulus bill that did little to help the economic suffering for the average Americans, Wonder Woman 1984 was a big disappointment, and on New Year’s Eve, no one is allowed to go to Time’s Square and watch the ball drop in person.

But as the year is ending, we should realize that it wasn’t all bad—2020 was a learning year. In the past twelve months, we saw and learned so much more about politics, and those lessons will stay with us for the rest of our lives (kind of like a bullet wound or a bad back). Below are what I believe are the five most important unknown truths from the political world learned in 2020.  Please keep in mind that since the media didn’t cover these truths adequately or in some cases at all,  parts of these truths came from this blogger’s sick mind (somebody had to do the work the MSM was too biased to do).

Keep in mind that 2021 is going to be a better year. How do I know? Well, HBO/MAX is releasing a Snyder Cut of Justice League, and even better, Lt. Joe Kenda will have a new TV show. With that in mind, enjoy the below:

The Madness of Rep: Jerrold Nadler: I used to think the reason he acts so crazy with things such as the illegitimate impeachment of President Trump or his contention that ANTIFA violence in Portland was a myth was because of a horrible incident from the days before he had his stomach stapled.  I’m talking about a time when he was much heavier.  Nadler went to McDonald’s and got stuck between one of the golden arches. The only way the EMTs were able to get him out was what they now call Operation Sampson. They waved a chocolate cupcake in front of him at ten paces, and like Samson, Nader burst out of the arch.   However, that wasn’t behind his madness, which began in 2015 with his support of the JCPOA.  The real cause is the way he wears his pants. It cuts off the blood flow to his brain.

politics in 2020


The Consensus Opinion About Chuck Todd was Wrong: Granted, anyone who replaced the late great Tim Russert is at a disadvantage.  IMHO, Russert was the best and fairest Sunday News program host ever. First, he was replaced by David Gregory lasted a little more than five years. Because of lousy ratings, Gregory was replaced by Chuck Todd. After suffering through Chuck Todd for five years, the consensus opinion about the Meet The Press host was that he couldn’t get any worse—but Todd proved the consensus wrong. Along with his usual bias and softball questions for Democrats, Todd’s hatred of anything not liberal because much more obvious. For example, he deceptively edited an interview with A.G. Barr to cast him in a negative light.  After complaints from viewers, he did say it was an unintentional mistake, but if you believe that, you probably believed the email from the prince in Nigeria who wants to give you a few million dollars.

politics in 2020


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Can Be Non-Partisan: Before 2020, leftist NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was thought of as ultra-partisan. He hated anything and everything that was linked to conservatives. Heck, in 2014, he even declared that anyone who is pro-traditional marriage, pro-life or pro-guns “have no place in the state of New York.”  It’s not very public, but the governor shares a brain with his brother CNN’s Chris Cuomo, and it is possible he made that comment when it was Chris’ day to use the brain because his biggest decision in 2020 was clearly non-partisan.

On March 25, 2020, Cuomo ordered: “No resident shall be denied readmission or admission to a nursing home solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. Nursing homes are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.” That order led to the COVID deaths of over 11K seniors. But notice he didn’t say, only seniors who are registered Republicans—he killed old people of all parties–even leftists. Angry Andy proved he can be non-partisan. He even wrote a book, received an Emmy, and was given a Ted Kennedy leadership award for his non-partisan killing of senior citizens. Even when he blamed the old people for their own deaths, he didn’t do it on a party basis.

politics in 2020


We Were Wrong About Joe BidenIn 2008, when Barack Obama selected Joe Biden to be his Vice President conservatives (including this one) said that while Biden was a corrupt imbecilic liar, a foreign policy screw up, who is inappropriate around women (especially young ones), there was a “rational’ reason for Obama to select him. As long as Biden was Obama’s number two, no one would try to kill Obama and make that creepy imbecile the POTUS.  While Obama was a crappy president, I thankful that no one tried to hurt him and assumed that our observation was correct.  But in 2020, we realized that our thinking about Biden was wrong–not the corrupt imbecilic liar, foreign policy screw up, who is inappropriate around women, part—the part about no one wanting him to be president.  Perhaps voters ignored the corrupt imbecilic liar, etc., stuff because they felt bad for him because he is losing his mental faculties—you know, like a pity vote. I can’t think of any other reason why people would vote for him over Trump.


He Doesn’t Hate Trump, He Just Wanted To See President Trump Naked  One California Congressman has proven that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Even after the Mueller report, Adam Schiff kept claiming that he had evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians–well until the end of 2019.  That’s when he switched gears, lied about Donald Trump and Ukraine, made some underhanded moves, and successfully impeached the president. He even prepared himself by speaking to the supposed whistle-blower (then lied and said he didn’t). He also sent one of his close aides to Ukraine to gather some more false evidence. Why would a member of Congress go so far as to lie and cheat to impeach a president? Schiff didn’t try to get Trump out of office because he hates Trump…he did it because he thought it would help him get pictures of President Donald Trump naked.

Schiff was very disappointed after falling victim to Russian pranksters Vladimir Kyzetsov and Alexei Stolyarov. The comedians, posing as a Ukrainian member of Parliament, Andriy Parubiy, promised dirt on President Trump, including some naked photos. Although the prank was in 2018, Schiff was so disappointed that he forced America through a 2020 impeachment trial because he believed that if Trump was out of office, he could get those photos.

Absorb the above truths, and please have a very happy 2021.

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