A few weeks ago my friend and teacher Barry Rubin, a non-smoker his entire life, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I spoke to him last week, and he was in obvious discomfort.

But thankfully, with the right medical attention, God willing, Barry will be
around writing and teaching and most importantly enjoying his  family and friends for a long time.

Yesterday Barry took the first step big step in treatment:

I’m about to undergo an operation to attempt to drain the
fluid from my lungs by inserting a tube. This will take 3-5 days and i
will be in hospital. It is possible I will not be able to communicate
during this time. They will then try to seal the lungs-which if it
succeeds will help me. We will then begin chemo and other therapies. The
operation is said not be dangerous. Please expect no correspondence or
articles from me during this period. It is hoped that by next week i
will be pretty -normal and undergoing care. I have wonderful doctors. I
hope and believe we will be together again in future. With all my
gratitude for your being good readers and interested in my thoughts. I
hope I have been helpful to you

Good doctors will help, but I invite you to join me in praying to God
to give Barry’s doctors strength and wisdom, and to keep his spirits
high so he can fight off this disease–prayer does work.

When Jewish people pray for someones health we use their Hebrew
name and the Hebrew name of their mother, for Barry that would be Baruch
Ben-David ben Ilana.

Please add this good person, Baruch Ben-David ben Ilana,  to your prayers.