The loud noise scares the baby. But it could have been worse. The explosion in the courtyard could have been in the building–the babies could have died.

Who is protecting the crying baby in Sedrot? The IDF can’t. Their hands are tied by the incompetence of the Olmert government.

The youngsters run away from the falling missiles. Who screams out their pain. Not the media. They don’t call it targeting children–they call it circle of violence.

The Girls hide under the desk, will the rockets hit them this time? Will they get killed next time..why doesn’t their government care? Why doesn’t the Mainstream Media care? Where is the UN? Don’t Jewish Babies Matter?

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That baby is still crying in Sedrot. Will he be silenced by a nurturing Eema or will he be silenced by a Qassam? Will YOU do what you can to Stop that baby’s cries? We need to give some relief to the children of Sedrot, and today I received an email with a great way to help.

I am trying to raise funds to help Sderot.Since Gush Katif was evacuated by the Israeli government in 2005, the situation there has worsened considerably with over 4000 Kassam rockets fired into the town. Miraculously, the deaths have been few (11), but the psychological trauma on the children and adults there is overwhelming. When the “Tzeva Adom” (Color Red) warning is sounded, there are 15 seconds to take shelter. There have been anywhere from 3-15 Kassams per day. The families live in a state of constant fear and alertness.

One thing that has been proposed is to build an indoor playground in a fortified building so that children can play without running for shelter. To this end, the Sderot Defense Council is raising money. Tax deductible donations can be sent directly to:

Central Fund of Israel –
Earmark in memo “Ofek chdash- playground”

c/o Masha Kuznetsov
4305 Broadway # 32
New York NY 10033
Contributions sent to Central Fund are USA tax-deductible, ID#13-9933006