OK I will admit it, I never read Playboy for the articles, in fact in the good old days, when I could look at the magazine (before I realized the girls were my daughter’s age) I never even knew that Playboy had page numbers.

That was until today, when I received a tweet from Allahpundit of Hot Air, alerting me to one of cruelest, most mean-spirited displays I have ever seen in the magazine, or on the net for that matter.

In a column called So Right it’s Wrong, freelance writer and former blogger Guy Cimbalo writes about “The top ten conservative women we love to hate.”

Obama promised us the dream of post-partisanship—a cuckoo land where party affiliation and factional animosity were forgotten. Turn on cable news or open any newspaper, however, and you’ll quickly discover that the dream has yet to materialize. But there is a way to reach across the aisle without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate f**k*. We may despise everything these women represent, but goddammit they’re hot. Let the healing begin.* Note: word editing mine

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I am not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV, but after reading Guy Cimbalo’s vitriolic spewing of hate, made me realize that the “writer” must have had an oppressed childhood and a poor sex life as an adult. This vile piece uses the “F” word more often than Al Pacino did in Scarface. But worse than the language is the way he talks about these Women and why he would not have sex with them, he calls that “The Hate F**k Rating”

Along the way he disparages some of the best writers out there, people who I read every day, whose careers I hope to mirror; Michelle Malkin, Mary Katharine Ham, Amanda Carpenter and my close friend Pamela Geller.

The internet is a weird place, any idiot with a computer can start writing. Some like myself are lucky enough to build up a following. There are times that we object to people’s ideas and make fun of them. We even make fun of their political crutches like TOTUS. But there are lines that most of us know not to cross, Guy Cimbalo leapfrogged over that line. His So Right it’s Wrong is not only an attempt to denigrate these fine writers, but all women, actually all writers everywhere. It has no other purpose, it doesn’t inform, it isn’t funny, the article’s only purpose is to be mean.

In my youth I read Playboy often, and never thought the pictures were pornography, but Guy Cimbalo attempt at writing at Playboy.com, THAT is pornography at it worst.

May I suggest a strongly worded email to the Lou Mohn [email protected] Playboy’s publisher?

UPDATE: The Link to the Playboy Site No Longer works, they must have pulled the article. Great Job Folks….Keep those e-mails going folks.

You can read more about this article too disgusting even for Playboy at Tommy Christopher’s Web Site and at Hot Air.com

UPDATE II Bill Murray Weighs in on Guy Cimbalo below