For some women Planned Parenthood is like the security blanket they refuse to give up.  The reason they oppose defunding the organization, despite the Hyde Amendment which bans federal funding of Abortion, despite the fact that their Doctors are changing their abortion procedures so they can cut the corpse of the fetus into little pieces and  sell their parts, is their belief that there are no other organizations that can replace the non-abortion women’s health treatment done by Planned Parenthood clinics.

That belief denies one the basics of our capitalist system, if there is a demand for a product or service a vender will grow to fill that demand. If the United States government says they have a half a billion dollars to help women’s health clinics not associated with Planned Parenthood, those clinics will spring up and quickly.  That is what capitalism is all about.

Another issue with Planned Parenthood is that no matter what the best solution is for a particular patient, they push their political agenda, which is “thinning out the human herd” via abortion.  The below,  written by Sarah Owens is a segment of the entire story she wrote for The Federalist called, ” I Went To Planned Parenthood For Birth Control, But They Pushed Abortion .” In the piece Ms. Owens tells of her encounter with Planned Parenthood which spent more time pushing their abortion agenda than helping a woman whose “choice” was to have her baby.

Two years into college, I found myself late—yes, that kind of late. Now, I knew it was probably nothing, but I wasn’t sure, and I wanted to be. Like a lot of college students, I drank on weekends and if I were pregnant I didn’t want to harm the child. Again, due to embarrassment, I didn’t go to the doctor I knew. I was afraid, even at 20 years old, that a pregnancy test would somehow show up on a bill that went to my parents. If I wasn’t pregnant I didn’t want the test to ever come to light. So, again I trekked to Planned Parenthood, this one located right off campus.

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I left the office and cried. Maybe it was relief, but I mostly felt hurt and manipulated.

I had to fill out a form. On it you check the boxes of things you are willing to consider. The options essentially broke down to a) abortion b) adoption c) parenting. I chalked it up to alphabetical order that abortion came first. At this point in life, I still solidly fell on the “I would never have an abortion, but other people should be able to” side of the fence. I checked options B and C, took the test, and was taken into a room to hear my results. Before getting those results, I was interrogated.

“Why won’t you consider abortion?” the representative asked. “You realize what a strain on your life parenting would be, don’t you?” I explained that abortion just wasn’t something I personally believed in. She scoffed at me before finally telling me I wasn’t pregnant.

I left the office and cried. Maybe it was relief, but I mostly felt hurt and manipulated. What if I had been pregnant—would she have been able to sway me? How many others have passed through those doors and were swayed to terminate, who felt the strain—financial, physical, or mental—that parenting might cause so decided it would be easier to just “fix the problem”?

Ms. Owens’ story is just one of the growing body of stories confirming that Planned Parenthood pushes its agenda before the needs of its patients.  For example there are the countless stories of the organization ignoring examples of statutory rape even though they are required by law to share them with the police, or the times when they badgered women into signing the release so they can sell the aborted baby’s body parts.

These and other examples proves it’s time to defund Planned Parenthood and used those fonds for patient centric clinics.