A new study found that three in ten pro-Palestinian college protesters have recently suffered the loss of a job offer in the wake of their racist, anti-Jewish protests.

According to Campus Reform, Intelligent.com, a look at 672 recent graduates who were involved in campus protests found that 29 percent of them had lost a job offer in the past six months. Further 55 percent said they believe they faced bias in the job process.

7 in 10 of the Jew-hating students said they were asked if they had protested at school during the interview process.

Intelligent Chief Education and Career Development Advisor Huy Nguyen said the results have been seen in other studies.

“It’s consistent with another study that we performed where employers expressed concerns that hiring protestors and strongly vocal activists might cause distractions and disruptions in the workplace and negatively impact their workplace,” Nguyen explained.

another 21 percent of the respondents said they received negative feedback when they admitted to their activism. 14 percent said their job offer was either withdrawn, or the offer was never made at all.

“For job seekers who find themselves in this situation, I would recommend that they seek clarification from the company and learn the specific reason why their offer was rescinded,” Nguyen added. “It may be a candidate’s perception and the offer was rescinded for another reason, but it would be prudent to find out formally and have it in writing. If you believe you were discriminated against, you can consult a legal advisor and explore whether you may have been treated unfairly.”

Of course, this whole thing puts a conservative in a trick bag, let’s face it. Being conservative, we are faced with discrimination over our ideals all the time. And we know what it’s like to face this type of discrimination.

On the other hand, should one also have the expectation of suffering the consequences of speech, too.

This Jew hatred going on in our schools is extreme and needs consequences.

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