There is only one cheap shot worse than the mainstream media trying to exploit the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for their own partisan progressive agenda. That’s the cheap shot by the Sheriff investigating the case using the shooting to promote his own progressive agenda. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Tucson, Arizona, has become the spokesman for blaming right-wing “vitriol” for the shooting by deranged gunman Jared Lee Loughner.

This isn’t the first time Dupnik made partisan headlines. Last April not only did he announce that his department would not be enforcing Arizona’s immigration law accusing it of being stupid and racist.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says that he can’t enforce the Arizona Illegal Immigration law without racial profiling. In the video below, the Sheriff also said that the law is “disgusting” and “unnecessary” and “one of the worst pieces of legislation” he’s ever seen in 50 years. He’s expected to get sued if he doesn’t enforce the law and get sued if he does enforce the law. Dupnik says Federal law supersedes state law, so he will follow federal law.

The Sheriff held a news conference to expand on his comments today. He continued to call SB 1070 racist, but added other adjectives; he said it was “unwise, stupid and it’s racist.”

Gee maybe its me, but I always thought the role of the legislature was to make law, and the role of the Sheriff was to enforce it, at least thats what I learned in middle school civics.  Not according to Sheriff Dupnik, he is legislature, sheriff and supreme court all rolled up into one.

Dupnik’s first press conference after the Giffords shooting has been used all around the media as proof that the horrible shooting was caused by talk radio, Sarah Palin and the tea party movement.

Clarence W. Dupnik, the Pima County sheriff, seemed to capture the mood of the day at an evening news conference when he said it was time for the country to “do a little soul-searching.”

“It’s not unusual for all public officials to get threats constantly, myself included,” Sheriff Dupnik said. “That’s the sad thing about what’s going on in America: pretty soon we’re not going to be able to find reasonable, decent people willing to subject themselves to serve in public office.”

Dupnik couldn’t have been talking about himself, after all he said decent people.  The Sheriff keeps saying what a good friend he is of Congresswoman Giffords and Judge Roll.  If he truly was a “decent” person he wouldn’t take advantage of the shooting of one friend and the murder of another for political gain.

But Sheriff Dupnik is not one to put duty before propaganda, today he faced Meghan Kelly on Fox News. Ms Kelly was trying to balance being respectful to the Sheriff as he tried to incite new anti-right hatred with asking him questions that exposed his lack of facts, evidence or logic.

The Sheriff says some pretty frightening things  in the video. For instance he says despite his rhetoric he has absolutely no evidence as to any connection between what the suggests is political hate speech rhetoric and the shooting, saying things like “it’s just my opinion period” and that “I don’t have that information yet,” even worse he goes on to say that everyone has the right to their opinion when he was talking about his vitriolic statements.  That is followed up with additional partisanship, repeating the Democratic party pre-midterm election meme about mysterious foreign political donations and that the fact that Congressional Republicans objected to Obama agenda lead to the Giffords shooting.  Note for Sheriff Dupnick the results of those midterm elections indicate that the people didn’t agree with the Obama agenda either, but why worry about little things such as facts.

The Sheriff not only thinks that everything people who disagree with his political party is “hate speech” but he also believes that everyone in Congress should vote the same way. Dupnik must be confused,  he is thinking of the political systems of  countries such as Iran, China or Cuba, in the United States people are allowed to disagree with the ruling party’s politics and the legislators are even allowed to cast votes that disagree with the executive, and Sheriffs are not supposed to put partisan politics in front of investigating brutal attacks on public servants and little girls.