Maybe there is some hope left for the Mainstream Media. This morning Joe Scarborough had Tom Brokaw as a guest on Morning Joe, the 6-9am liberal news program on MSNBC.  They began do discuss some of the Democratic positions on Benghazi and:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: […] To play off what Senator Feinstein said, that it was evident from the very beginning this was a terror attack and yet Susan Rice is sent out five days later with talking points that have been changed from the CIA 12 times in 24 hours. The White House just not being straightforward about it from the very beginning. The Susan — Susan Rice calling [the attack a demonstration] five days after, is mind boggling.

TOM BROKAW: That is the part still inexplicable to me, the debate that is going on prior to her appearance, that is what is going on now about whether there could have been an appropriate military response, whether they were aware of what was going on. You cannot explain away Susan Rice’s performance on those Sunday talk shows in which she said it was not a terrorist attack and grew out of a domestic demonstration of some kind, she completely underplayed it and rewrote the script and I think we deserve to who it is. That is what the American public finally tuned into that was first public response and we have not had an adequate notice from the White House or anybody in the administration as to why she was allowed to say what she did. Did flags go off in her own mind? I mean she’s a sophisticated diplomat. Did she go down and say, wait a minute? But nonetheless she went on all of those shows in a very emphatic way and said it was not a terrorist attack and this grew out of a demonstration that it was spontaneous and that turned out to be not so true whatsoever.

 This was followed with a discussion about the IRS scandal and both Brokaw and Chuck Todd bashed the President for his silence.

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If you haven’t done so yet…make sure to purchase a lottery ticket today. Because if Liberal’s Tom Brokaw and Chuck Todd both criticize the administration on the same day–both on the Morning Joe Show—well who knows what other miracles are possible.  
Anybody see flying pigs?