So many people so many faces…below are some of the sights of CPAC Day One

Jim Hoft-The Gateway Pundit (r) Interviewing Allahpundit (l)
Not Sure His Name, But I think he was part of the Security

My Former Editor at Big Journalism Dana Loesch Doing Her Radio Show
He Said “It’s All About the Benjamins”
Gov Perry of Texas Slammed McCain and Romney
No Longer a Congressman But Still a Mensch-Lt. Col. Allen West

Then We Went to Blog Bash-A Giant Party Just for Bloggers

Filling the Swag Bags

My Friend Tabitha Hale

The Great Stacy McCain in his natural element

Larry O’ Connor-Now a Radio Star

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Addressed BlogBash
Daddy and His Little Girl

More to Come……