Yesterday Marine Lt. Gen. John Allen, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The General has been nominated to replace Gen. David Petraeus as head of coalition forces in Afghanistan.

As part of his testimony the General was grilled by Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. He eventually gave a startling answer. The withdrawal plan announced by President Obama was not at the bottom of the scale of options recommended by the Generals on the ground, it was below all recommendations offered by the Military.

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GRAHAM: The option that the country has chosen through President Obama is to withdraw 10,000 this year, all surge forces gone by September. Is it fair to say, General Allen, that was not one of the options presented to the president by General Petraeus?

ALLEN: It is a more aggressive option than that which was presented.

GRAHAM: My question is, was that a option?

ALLEN: It was not.

GRAHAM: So I just want the country to understand that this is not the Petraeus strategy any longer. The commander in chief has the perfect right to do what he did. I just hope that it hasn’t undercut what I think could be a very successful outcome.

During the 2008 Campaign “peace candidate” Barack Obama described Afghanistan as a good war. His surge announced in December 2009 was just beginning to turn things around.  But this President decided to destroy the momentum gained by the American heroes fighting in Afghanistan.  Barack Obama who has had no military training, decided to ignore the advice of his military leaders by withdrawing faster than they recommended. Sure they now say they back the plan, they are following orders.  Truth be told though, this President has put his reelection ahead of the needs of this country and the safety of our military heroes overseas.

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