With each passing day we learn more about Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. It as been long known that she is not the sharpest crayon in the playroom, her gaffes are legendary (only they aren’t really gaffes she really believe this nonsense). There was the time she stood on the floor of the house  discussing how North and South Vietnam are living peacefully side by side, even though there hasn’t been a North and South Vietnam since Gerald Ford was President, and another time when she told the House Judiciary Committee that the “penalty” which the health-care law imposes on individuals who do not buy health insurance is not in fact a penalty.

In March Daily Caller examined Jackson-Lee’s management skills, and it wasn’t pretty. Ms Lee might be the nastiest boss in the entire city of Washington, D.C.

During the first committee hearing about Muslim Radicalization in the US  Jackson-Lee threw a  hissy fit and was rebuked. A glutton for punishment, Ms Lee brought up an irrelevant point during today’s hearing and got rebuked again.

During the hearing on Muslim radicalization hearing, Lee insisted on asking about Christian militants who were trying to undermine the government.   King replied by reminding the Congressional Nutjob:

I would just remind the members of the minority for four years they controlled this committee and they could have had hearings on any of these issues at any other time if they wanted to. I never heard any mention of any of these groups at these hearings until we held our first hearing on Muslim radicalization. I wish you would have been as attentive during the previous four years.

 In other words….TAKE THAT!

Its even better on video, go to the Right Scoop and watch the Peter King Slapdown.

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