Most people saw Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams as a touching goodbye to a good friend and a very funny and talented man.  The operative word is “most.” Some thought it was a racist affront to Muslims.
At issue is a clip taken from Robin Williams’ 2001 appearance on “Inside the Actors Studio” considered by many as the best episode in that shows 25-year-long history.
The clip generating complaints is short snippet from that show during which Williams borrows a pink scarf from an audience member in the front row and wraps its round his head to simulate a Hijab, and says “I would like to welcome you to Iran… Help me!” He then moves the scarf down to his shoulders and begins to act like a Jewish cantor.

The Iranian part of the clip drew criticism on Twitter:

Really people? Racist? It’s time for some people to get a life. A short clip where Robin Williams makes fun of living in oppressive Iran? It is called FUNNY.  The clip below is the full improvised scarf routine he makes fun of Indians, Jews, Gays, Japanese, Hispanics, and Amish as well as Iranians. Those who complain about the clip being racist are full of camel dung.  It would have been racist if Williams had left out the Iranians.