Vice President Mike Pence fired back at CNN interviewer John Berman during a tense exchange, noting the network was “wrong about a lot” regarding the coronavirus pandemicPence slammed CNN

Berman spent a majority of the interview doing the bidding of the higher-ups. He repeatedly talked over Pence, hitting him with ridiculous gotcha questions, and treating him with a level of disrespect you will never, ever, ever see a CNN reporter dole out to Kamala Harris.

The “New Day” reporter first asked the Vice President to predict how many Americans will die from coronavirus – a question only God himself could answer.

And, we might add, a question in which any answer ranging from 1 to infinity would have made it easy for the biased national media to cast him and the President as murderers.

CNN Hack

Pence, being smarter than that, pivoted to pointing out all of the measures the administration has taken to save lives.

“I truly believe that when President Trump suspended all travel from China before the end of January and stood up the White house coronavirus task force, and action that Joe Biden criticized as xenophobic, he actually said it was racist to suspend travel from China, the reality is, that bought us an invaluable amount of time to begin work on a vaccine,” Pence said.

Berman, though, wanted the low-information audience to know that he had asked his big gotcha question, bragging, “My question just so people know, was ‘How many more Americans will lose their lives by the end of the year?”

The reporter noted that Pence made comments in June claiming “the panic is overblown,” to which the Vice President explained that things change along the way.

“So you were wrong? You were wrong on June 16? Were you wrong on June 16?” Berman said like an excited child.

“CNN was wrong about a lot early in the year as well, John,” Pence returned fire. “We’ve all been learning all along the way about this coronavirus.”


Wrong About a Lot 

The media, of course, downplayed the virus very early on, as did many Democrat politicians. But you won’t hear them accepting responsibility for – or even admitting – being wrong.

Berman, for instance, won’t be discussing CNN having declared that “racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians” were spreading faster than the pandemic.

The Washington Post said the flu is a “much bigger threat than coronavirus.”

The New York Times claimed that fear “spreads faster than the coronavirus itself.”

Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, encouraged her constituents to tour Chinatown in late February because coronavirus fears were “unwarranted.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio told New York City residents to “get out on the town despite coronavirus.”

Newsweek hypocrites said rioting in the streets was okay despite the pandemic because “racism is a public health crisis too.”

The CDC, up until April, said the only people who need to wear a face mask are those who are sick or are caring for someone who is ill and unable to wear a mask.

Here’s CNN’s Anderson Cooper downplaying the severity of the coronavirus …

It would seem nearly everybody was wrong about some facet of this pandemic over time. Good on Mr. Pence calling out CNN for their ridiculous holier than thou attitude as things have changed.

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Pence slammed CNN