Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was repeatedly asked by a CNN reporter why she rejected a larger stimulus bill package offered before the election than the one she now. The California representative refused to answer the question.

“Pelosi wouldn’t answer my question about why the $900 billion deal is more acceptable to her than the $1.8 trillion offer Mnuchin made to her this fall,” CNN reporter Manu Raju stated. “Pelosi wouldn’t call on me at the press conference, which is becoming a pattern, even though just five reporters were there. She left the press conference as I asked her the question. And she ignored my question in the hallway as well.”

So it is possible, every once in a blue moon, for the folks over at CNN to do their actual jobs? That might be the most shocking thing to happen this year.


via Daily Wire:

“Asked again in the hallways why this proposal is more acceptable than the Mnuchin plan, Pelosi didn’t respond. But Schumer, who was walking with her in the hallway, said: ‘Ask Mitch McConnell,’” Raju continued. “It’s true that McConnell and Senate Republicans objected to Mnuchin’s $1.8 trillion plan, but so did Pelosi, who said in October: ‘This proposal amounted to one step forward, two steps back.’”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on Sunday that he had secured a deal with other congressional leaders that will provide desperately needed funds to struggling Americans, although many on both sides said that it was not nearly enough. McConnell also slammed Democrats for stalling on getting a deal done, saying that Republicans had wanted to do this months ago, but that Democrats, by their own admission, had stalled because they didn’t want to make a deal before the election.

“There is no doubt this new agreement contains input from our Democratic colleagues. It is bipartisan. But these matters could have been settled long ago,” McConnell said. “So why did it take all this time? We know why. We have heard Democrats say openly that they were not willing to deal all summer and fall, but are willing now because they now have a President-elect of their own political party. That’s not my accusation … that’s their admission.”

This should tell you how much the Democratic Party hates President Donald Trump. They were willing to allow the American people to suffer economic hardship that they themselves caused, all so they could stick it to the man in the Oval Office.

Politicizing the suffering of citizens is beyond heinous. How many businesses have closed down because of lockdown orders put in place by Democratic governors? How many people have lost their jobs and sunk into a deep depression due to the carelessness of these politicians?

And yet, the Democrats prolonged the people’s suffering to make a political statement. Shameful.

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Pelosi rejected bigger stimulus