Today Nancy Pelosi gave up her over-sized gavel and the speakers office and moved into the position of leader of the opposition. But before she left she gave us one more sample of her arrogance and disdain for the American people, especially in the area of Obamacare. During a press conference she was asked about the GOP efforts to repeal the bill (if you cannot see 2 videos below click here)

“If every American was very, very pleased with his or her health insurance, it still would have been necessary for us to pass the health reform care bill, because we could not sustain the system,” Pelosi said. “The cost of health care, for individual families, for small businesses for corporate America, for our economy, and also for the federal budget, was unsustainable. And that’s why, this comprehensive health care reform, one of the main reasons it was necessary.”

In English, the soon to be former speaker was saying that she does not give a rats arse about what the people want, the Progressives will tell you what you want.

Another question gave Pelosi the opportunity to prove that she still can lie with the best of them:

Pelosi said that despite the best efforts of House Democrats, significant work remained in reducing the deficit and job creation. She added that Democrats would be a “willing partner” in working with Republicans to solve those problems when provided with “positive solutions.”

“This administration and this Congress inherited a near depression, and so the initiatives that we took were positive for the American people,” Pelosi said. “It’s not enough to save people from the depression, though; 9.5 percent unemployment is intolerable. And as long as we have that, we have to continue to fight for job creation.”

No Nancy,  you didn’t fight for Jobs, you fought for pork, for a government take-over of health care and for a government takeover for energy and you fought to punish successful people.

Heck, your own Democratic Committee Chairman admitted last week that the President was just too busy to focus on jobs during his first two years.

Pelosi’s lack of faith in the American people makes today a good day for the American people, as she moves out of power, lets hope stays out of power.