All I keep hearing out of the media and quite frankly out of the Olmert led Kadima government is how much Abbas wants peace. If thats the case, why does Palestinian TV keep broadcasting messages of Jew-hatred? Palestinian Television in Judea and Samaria are Fatah Run. Fatah is Abbas run. So what am I missing? Why is Abbas being given the free ride? Maybe its just because he hates JOOWZE and the world never cares about dead Joowze.

Fatah TV Broadcasts Daily Call For Ethnic Cleansing of Jews by Ezra HaLevi ( Fatah chief and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s PA television has been repeatedly broadcasting a hate-filled music video calling for the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people from Israel. “My enemy, oh snake! Around the land, you are coiled. You have no choice, oh enemy, but to leave my country,” is the refrain in the video, which has been broadcast on a daily basis for the past several months, according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). “The song’s refrain, ‘My enemy, oh enemy,’ is repeated over and over throughout the song. Israel is not even given the courtesy of a name, but is tagged with such labels as ‘treacherous,’ ‘imperialism’ and a ‘coiled snake,'” PMW Director Itamar Marcus points out. “The Palestinian is portrayed as a heroic victim who courageously confronts the evil ‘enemy’ Israel.” The song incites Arabs living under Fatah’s rule in Judea and Samaria to fight to the death to rid the land of Jews, assuring them that, through this, they will ultimately prevail: “You have no choice, oh enemy, but to leave my country,” it says. “The goal of this music video clip is to inculcate loathing of Israel and anticipation of its destruction,” Marcus explains. “The repeated broadcast over recent months by Fatah-controlled television is consistent with other Arabic-language hate messages currently being disseminated – in spite of the peace talks.” PA TV first aired the music video in 2004 and resumed its broadcast in October, 2007. It was broadcast throughout the Annapolis conference as well as during US President George W. Bush’s visit to Israel, PMW reports. It continues to be aired on almost a daily basis. See the video here below ( if you can’t see it click here)

The following is the text of the hate video: “My enemy. Oh, my enemy. Stop your crimes. Treaty breaker! Treacherous!… If you pull out my eyes, My heart will see. (x2) If you cut off my hands, My chest is knives and swords. My enemy! Oh imperialism! This homeland is ours. (x2) This land will be tilled only by our hoes. (x2) Whenever the tension rises, Whenever this land weeps, (x2) the flower will return to grow in our house. My enemy. Oh, my enemy. Stop your crimes. Treaty breaker! Treacherous!… My enemy! Oh snake! Around the land, you are coiled. (x2) We, noble, courageous, on the day of ruin [battle], shall stand. You have no choice, Oh enemy, but to leave my country. And my children will return.