If you think the sexual assaults, assaults, use of children as human shields, hatred, disease and vandalism in the Occupy movement is bad, it has gotten much, much worse.  During the past day three people have lost their lives at occupy protests. One attributed to violence, one to suicide and the other from drugs

  • At Occupy Burlington, Vt.,  a 35-year-old military veteran fatally shot himself in the head. He shot himself inside a tent in City Hall Park. Deputy Chief Andi Higbee in Burlington told reporters the shooting raised questions about whether the protest would be allowed to continue. “Our responsibility is to keep the public safe. When there is a discharge of a firearm in a public place like this it’s good cause to be concerned, greatly concerned,” Higbee said.
  •  At Occupy Oakland, which has been wracked with violence for weeks a man was shot and killed at about 5 p.m last night just yards from the entrance to the Occupy Oakland encampment, apparently after a fight with other men. “I heard gunshots, and everybody started running,” said Kevin Jenkins, 24, an Oakland native who witnessed the shooting. After the initial fight, one of the young men called several friends or family members from outside the camp and asked them to come and help him. The victim had visited the camp often, said his cousin, Madea Williams of Oakland, who said she lived in a camp tent.

At occupy Salt Lake City, a man died in his tent apparently from a combination of a drug overdose and carbon monoxide:

Burbank said it appears the victim died sometime around 2 a.m., likely from a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning and a drug overdose. Along with a propane heater, police had reportedly been seen retrieving what appeared to be drug paraphernalia from the victim’s tent as they gathered evidence at the scene late Friday morning.

Three deaths, in less than a day—that is the protest movement supported by the President of the United State, and the progressive leaders of the US.  It is also another difference between the occupy movement and the Tea Party. There has never been a death at a Tea Party protest, and in the cases where there is violence, it was at the hands of the SEIU against teapartiers.

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