Why is everyone shocked? I don’t understand the anger ! Last week when Israel found the explosive materials in the supposed EU Sugar bags…everyone had a conniption….like its the first time.

For years they have been smuggling weapons through tunnels Gaza, using ambulances as military transports. They have faked massacres in Jenin, elsewhere, and don’t forget the Al Durrah hoax.

Don’t forget the one thing that the Palestinians have been smuggling the most..the TRUTH. They negotiate “Peace” and start an intifada, they “arrest” terrorists and let them out the back door one day later. They talk about Annapolis peace process, and have their Fatah terrorists kill two young boys. They renounce terror and try to reconcile with Hamas. This is smuggling at its worse.

How can the EU be surprised, the US shocked? For the better part of my adult life, the United States and Europe has rewarded terrorism—starting with the father of Modern Terror, Arafat. The took a killer and made him a saint. They taught the Palestinians that crime and Murder is rewarded. When Fatah took the foreign aid dollars and smuggled the dollars into personal Swiss bank accounts—the money was replaced–no penalty !

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Why is anybody surprised…the EU and US didn’t give birth to the Palestinian, evil ways, but they certainly suckled it to maturity. With Annapolis, the Paris aid conference, and US pressure to make one-sided concessions….we are still nursing the demon.