I was going to go to sleep early tonight. But as I was checking my email one more time, my spam guard had an email from an anonymiser . The cover letter said these are of the famous Ms Greenbaum, and the name plate says Pamela Greenbaum. And from this picture it nice to see that it does seem as if her deodorant is working

So if this is THE Pamela Greenbaum–I have to say, Pamela Greenbaum is not UGLY. I don’t thing she would give little children nightmares, and she is NOT a dead ringer for Joe Torre or Yogi Berra. Pamela you are not drop dead beautiful either. She is perfectly average. Just like the rest of us. I bet however if you smiled once or twice in these pictures it would make you prettier. Your stupid Lawsuit however is very UGLY.

So if my source is not pulling my chain this is the woman suing Orthomom. Ms Greenbaum why did you take the Ugly line so personally? Did the other kids make fun of you growing up? Call you Names? Also how come you don’t drink the water? Do you have something against Poland Spring? Pam…so what is it going to be. I have proved that you are not a Meiskeit, just plain….will you now drop this silly law suit?

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Please Read this Post also sending Ms Greenbaum an email?:

I got a response from Ms. Greenbaum…sort of. She sent her lawyer my Email and he replied to me instead of Her

1 – how did he get your e-mail address?
2 – I smell blood… and fear!
—– Original Message —–
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 12:35 PM
Subject: the Google/Orthomom Lawsuit

Join the fight:

May I offer another suggestion? Maybe if we show Ms Greenbaum some love she will drop the silly lawsuit. What I am suggesting is a quick email telling her that we don’t believe what that “idiotic commenter” wrote on Orthomom’s site. Tell her that as someone who has fought for freedom of speech on the school board level, we think that she should be just as supportive of that freedom on the Internet. Hell, Orthomom can’t even take down the offending comment because it could be construed as tampering with evidence.

Based on an email from the Superentent of the Lawerence School District that has been shared with me (the email did NOT contain any confidential information), I have recieve Ms Greenbaum’s personal email [email protected] I suggest you use that one .



Just politely give her your thoughts…and when you are done…send the email to other people who might be just as concerned.

This is the letter I sent:

TO: [email protected]
From: [email protected]

Dear Ms Greenbaum
I know you have had your feelings hurt by those horrible accusations made by that anonymous commenter. None of Orhomom’s readers believe that idiot.

I have seen some ot the passionate speeches that you have made at school board meetings regarding freedom of speech. Yet you have filed a lawsuit that is trying to stifle that freedom.

Having been a volunteer in many organizations, I know that public work comes with headaches–“no good deed goes unpunished.” I am sure that your work on the board has been heartfelt, that your decisions are based on what you think is best for the School District. Do you want to be remembered for your contribution to education—or do you want to be remembered for this lawsuit?

Isn’t it time to stop the madness?

Warm Regards,

[email protected]

Let me repeat one important point.

If You Send Pamela a Nasty Email It

will hurt Orthomom not Help her.

Keep it Polite. Send her only one

email and have others do the same.

No Nasty Letters. No Spamming