The press still shows that it is out of touch with the American people.  As expected, the  Sunday talk show circuit the discussion centered around Governor Palin’s surprising resignation on Friday. But rather the talk center around whether it was a good or bad move for her political career, it was more of the usual Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Take example ABC News “This Democratic Party Week With the Guy Who has morning Conference Calls with Democratic Party Strategists, George Stephanopoulos

When the discussion got to the Palin resignation both the Democratic strategist/host Stephanopoulos and George Will pointed out, that after Nixon said “you won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore,” he came back and won the presidency twice.

That is when fellow panelist and Atlanta Journal Constitution Columnist,  Cynthia Tucker started frothing at the mouth. Claiming that Palin didn’t have it as bad as Hilary Clinton and that Palin was turning into Richard Nixon????:

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The simple fact of the matter is if Sarah Palin thinks that she’s had it tougher than anybody else, she’s been more harshly criticized, I have for two words for her: Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was savaged for eight years. There were even jokes about her daughter Chelsea, who was much younger then than Bristol Palin is now. It’s not fair, it’s not a good part of the political process, but that is the stage. You take a lot of criticism, and quite frankly, women take a lot of criticism. So if she isn’t ready for that, then she doesn’t need to be playing on the national stage. And if she thinks it’s tough being Governor of Alaska, it would be a whole lot tougher being President of the United States….

The one thing that came across, I thought, was not only that she was smarting from all this criticism, but she came across as petty and vindictive. Richard Nixon without the policy knowledge or the experience. And I think that that comes across from her time and time again. And again, if you’re not ready to put up with all that criticism and shrug it off, then you don’t have any business on the national stage.

Source for transcript, Newsbusters