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How far will Barack Obama go to get his way with the Israeli Government? Very far according to WND Reporter Aaron Klein. Klein met with a senior Palestinian Authority official (on condition of anonymity) who claims  that in recent meetings with U.S. envoys to the region, the American diplomats supported and encouraged the concept of Palestinian protests to pressure Israel into evacuating eastern sections of Jerusalem.

The PA official’s claim follows a meeting in Jordan last week between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and George Mitchell, Obama’s envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At a press conference immediately following the meeting, Abbas declared the Palestinian “right” to “resistance” against Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office  recently made public a U.S. demand for a four-month freeze of Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem. In exchange the U.S. promised it would coax Abbas into direct negotiations with Israel regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state. Funny thing is if the United States was able to do that before, why didn’t they? It sounds as if Obama is collaborating with the PA against Israel.

The Palestinians have listened to Obama’s direction and have been engaged in riots and street violence targeting Jews in Jerusalem.

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Two weeks ago, Israel rededicated an ancient synagogue in the main Jewish quarter of the Old City. The structure had been badly damaged by Jordanian forces that overran the Jewish Quarter in the 1948 Middle East war.

The Hurva synagogue is hundreds of feet from the Western Wall and is in no way connected to the Temple Mount. Israel did not conduct heavy construction on the synagogue, a structure that had been in the Jewish quarter since the second century.

Still, the PA and Hamas claimed Israel’s rededication ceremony was a threat to the al-Aqsa Mosque. Hamas called for a “day of rage,” prompting Palestinians throughout eastern Jerusalem to hurl stones at police. There were also reports of rocks and Molotov cocktails aimed at Israeli buses.

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