At the heart of the Palestinian attacks on Israelis during the past few months is the false meme pushed by PA Chairman Abbas that the Jews want to take over, or at least pray at the Temple Mount. Forgetting for a moment that Muslim tradition says the Temple Mount is the site of the Jewish Temples to God, it has been the position of the Israeli government to maintain the status quo atop Mount Moriah;  the Muslim Waqf oversees the al-Aqsa Mosque compound/Temple Mount, Jews and Christians are allowed to go up and visit the site of the two temples, but they are not allowed to (God Forbid!) pray.

Over and over Abbas and other high ranking Muslims have claimed the Jews want to take over the mount and/or (God Forbid!) pray, precisely because it is an easy way to incite violence.  And it has been a card Abbas has been playing often.

In 2014 after weeks of incitement about the Temple Mount by the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, there was a wave of violence in Jerusalem cumulating in a terror attack where five rabbis were slaughtered in a Jerusalem Synagogue as they met for morning prayers.


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Immediately after the attack Chairman Abbas toned it down for a bit, but soon returned to his insightful ways claiming that the Jews wanted to Judaicize  the Temple Mount. The truth is his claims have little to do with faith.

A major strategy of the Palestinians in their goal of ultimately taking over all of Israel is to deny Jewish and Christian ties to the land. They do this by de-legitimizing the Jewish connection to a holy site and/or destroying Jewish holy sites. That’s why they hold on to the Temple Mount, destroying artifacts. That is why they burned down Joseph’s Tomb and it is why they claim the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb. But it’s not only Jewish sites, the Palestinians have laid claim to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and in 2002 invaded and trashed Jesus’ birthplace in Bethlehem.

In a recent televised speech Abbas claimed, “The Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are ours. They are all ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet.” He added, “We salute every drop of blood spilled for the sake of Jerusalem.

Despite the incitement by the Palestinian leaders there is a constant drawing of moral equivalence, “both sides need to calm the violence” type of nonsense.  The truth is only the Palestinian side is inciting violence, Netanyahu has been calling for calm (and for Abbas to stop inciting the violence).

Now it looks as if there is a solution for now. The Jordanians had proposed to Israel that cameras be installed on the Temple Mount to ensure that no damage was being done to the mosques, and no violations of the status quo. a proposal which Netanyahu accepted.

Think about that for a second.  In most places in the world closed circuit cameras are installed to insure no crimes get committed, but at Judaism’s holiest site, closed circuit cameras will be installed to insure no Jews pray to God.

Which brings to mind a story that demonstrates the absurdity of this situation.

An American couple was honeymooning in Jerusalem and has a chance encounter with Gilad Erdan Israel’s public security minister.  Erdan. asks them if they are enjoying their trip. They respond that it is wonderful, that the only thing missing was they had always wanted to visit the Temple Mount. Being a nice guy Erdan says he could arrange it for them.


The groom tells Gilad that he understands there are things the couple are not allowed to do on top of the temple mount. But he also  reminds Erdan.that they are newlyweds and asks if it would be okay if they snuck in a quick kiss while no one was looking. “Of course” said Gilad . “What if it was a long kiss?” “Well you are newlyweds said the public security minister.” “But what if it was an embrace? ” asked the bride.  “That shouldn’t be a problem,’ said the Israeli. The groom continued, ” What if we no longer could control our passion, ripped off each others cloths and made mad passionate love..right there in front of everyone?” “I supposed that would be okay said the Israeli official, “you are married.”  The groom spoke again, “What if we were overwhelmed with ecstasy and while we were naked and making love in front of everybody in the middle of the Temple we screamed out at the top of our lungs Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD !


“Are you guys nuts?”   Asked Gilad Erdan, “The Muslims will think you are praying!”