As Abbas and his terrorist buddies continue to circle the globe claiming that the new Unity Government is a govt. that wants peace, their actions continue to show their true intentions. in the last 24 hours there has been five Kassam rockets fired at the Negev, one thwarted MAJOR bombing attempt and a few “smaller attacks.” Sounds like the “Government of Peace” is the same old Bait and Switch. Also sounds like this will be ignored by the traditional press.

Five Kassams Fired, Bombing Thwarted at Checkpoint 28 Adar 5767, 18 March 07 11:05 by Ezra HaLevi ( Five Kassam rockets were fired at Israeli towns bordering Gaza Sunday as IDF troops at a northern Samaria checkpoint thwarted a large-scale bomb attack. Of the five rockets, one landed near a strategic facility in the Ashkelon industrial area. Soldiers discovered a 16-pound bomb being smuggled out of Shechem at the Beit Ibba checkpoint, west of the northern Samaria PA-controlled city. Shortly after, more explosives were found in another man’s bag as well. The checkpoint is one of those frequently complained about by human rights and leftist groups. PA Arabs attacked Jewish motorists driving in Gush Etzion Sunday. A vehicle was damaged near Bethlehem, but the passengers were not harmed. A bus and car were attacked with rocks and bricks near Hevron Sunday evening. No injuries were reported, but the bus was damaged in the attack. The attacks came less than 24 hours after the Hamas-Fatah power-sharing arrangement was signed. The Salah A-Din Brigades said they fired the rockets. The group is said to operate under the Popular Resistance Committee, which is a conglomeration of most of Gaza’s terror groups