Yesterday at the “Global Donor” Conference in Paris the Palestinian Authority raised over $7.4 BILLION. (See $7.4 Billion Buys Lots of Bombs, Bullets and Rockets).

To get the Money the PA had to promise reform they had to promise changes in how they do business:

A statement from the European Union stated a large portion of international aid pledged in Paris yesterday was specifically conditioned to fund Abbas’ implementation of a Palestinian Reform and Development Plan. The plan was presented at the conference at the request of the international community by Palestinian Prime Minister and Finance Minister Salam Fayyad. Funds are slated to be deposited directly into an account controlled by Fayyad.

One of the main sections of the Palestinian Reform plan calls for PA security forces to be unified under one command instead of functioning as a series of militias and for the PA to trim is overall forces on the payroll by 30,000 gunmen.

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But Aaron Klein of WND reports:

According to security and political sources speaking to WND, the PA has put into place a series of moves designed to make it appear it is trimming its security forces. In some cases, it actually is enlarging militias, contrary to commitments to donors.

According to Palestinian political sources, Fayyad is under heavy pressure from the Executive Committee of Abbas’ Fatah organization to expand the PA forces and to incorporate into paid militias more members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah’s declared military wing which is listed by the State Department as a terror group.

The Brigades took responsibility along with the Islamic Jihad terror group for every suicide in Israel the past three years and for thousands of shootings and rocket attacks. Many members of the Brigades openly serve as leaders of various PA security forces.

Security sources told WND that among the moves the PA will make is to remove from its payroll about 20,000 security force members over the age of 57 who were required to retire at the age of 60. Also, about 2,000 gunmen under investigation for collaborating with rival Hamas will be fired.

The sources said the PA will then transfer about 10,000 gunmen to the payroll of other Palestinian ministries, including the PA ministry for woman, ministry for prisoners and ministry against the Israel wall. The estimated 10,000 gunmen will remain in the PA security forces but will simply collect a paycheck from a different ministry instead of the internal security ministry.

Meanwhile, the PA is planning to expand its security forces by hiring about 15,000 more Palestinian gunmen, including thousands of members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, according to security sources.

The sources said, for example, one Brigades leader in the Anskar refugee camp in the northern West Bank received a written document last week from the Palestinian National Guard stating the PA’s intentions to hire the Brigades leader and 13 other members of his cell as members of the security forces. The hiring of the Brigades leader and his cell is slated to take place after Abbas and Fayyad return from Paris.

Well folks…as the saying goes–It’s deja vu all over again !

For those of you who have read Klein’s Schmoozing With Terrorists, you will realize that this is no idle rumor. Klein has unbelievable access to terrorist leaders. (If you haven’t read are missing out on an amazing read). You can read the full article above at Palestinians in scheme to fool global donors