The official platform of the new Government of Palestinian Unified Terror Zealots (PUTZ) has been released, and instead of meeting those three “conditions” to get cash and start “peace” talks they have spit in your face. CHIRAC DO YOU HEAR ME OR IS YOU HEAD STILL UP YOUR PITOOEY! THEY HAVE SPIT IN YOUR FRENCH FACE!!!

This new government, these PUTZ says that the resistance will continue until the Palestinian right of return is implemented. PUTIN YOU THERE OR ARE YOU TOO BUSY KILLING PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OUT AGAINST YOU? I am so angry at you gvt. “leaders” that I can’t even stop and eat my morning bagel and schmear. TONY BLAIR LET ME PUT IT IN SIMPLE ENGLISH FOR YOU. This group of PUTZ will continue to blow up innocent Israeli citizens until the country becomes a Muslim rather than a Jewish state.

Israel and the US have both said this PUTZ Govt. DOES NOT MEET the established requirements outlined by the quartet.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said

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“Unfortunately the new Palestinian government seems to have said no to the three benchmarks of the international community,” he said. “Accordingly, Israel will not deal with this new government and we hope the international community will stand firmly by its own principles and refuse to deal with a government that says no to peace and no to reconciliation.”

White House spokesman Tony Snow said that there would likely be no change in the US administration’s refusal to deal with the Palestinian government unless its platform changed.

“Our position has been consistent, which is, you need a Palestinian government that is going to, in fact, abide by the Quartet conditions,” Snow said, referring to the EU, US, United Nations and Russia.

SOLANA ARE YOU LISTENING ????? ABDULLAH GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE AND ON YOUR HIGH CHAIR SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!!! SO EU lets talk about those “conditions” YOU guys set. Are you going to stick by them? If thats the case you will tell these PUTZ to go to hell also? Or are you going to be like Putin and Chirac ? Rats who do not stick by their word.
Are you going to confirm what Lieberman said yesterday?

“There are elements in Europe that are willing to sacrifice Israel in exchange for their security, for their trade interests,” Lieberman, the sole far-right member of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s centrist government, told Israel Radio.”We have seen this phenomenon once before, in the run-up to World War 2. It is the same way they sacrificed Czechoslovakia (to German invasion and annexation) and the same way they ignored the Jews’ predicament even though it was clear to all the heads of states what was happening to the Jews,” he said.

PA unity government ‘committed to right of return’ Platform of new Palestinian government states that ‘resisting occupation is a legitimate right.’ According to platform, obtained by Ynet, ‘Resistance will only stop after right of return is implemented.’ Government also states it will work to release kidnapped Israeli soldier Resisting occupation is the Palestinian people’s legitimate right, according to the platform of the new Palestinian unity government obtained by Ynet Thursday morning. The new government also states that it is committed to the right of return. The platform was sent from the office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to the different factions ahead of Saturday’s parliament session in which the new government will be brought for approval.A special clause addresses the Israeli kidnapped soldier affair, saying that “the government will work to end and solve the affair of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, as part of an honorable prisoner exchange deal.” The government states that “the resistance will only stop after the occupation ends, independence is obtained and the right of return is implemented.” The government declares, however, that it will “work to strengthen, expand and make the truce mutual in exchange for an Israeli commitment to halt all assassinations, arrests, house demolitions, invasions into Palestinian communities and the excavations in Jerusalem. The government stresses that “the PLO and the Palestinian Authority president are authorized to negotiate, and any diplomatic agreement obtained will be brought to the approval of the Palestinian National Council for approval or for a referendum.” Another clause opposes the idea of a Palestinian state in temporary borders. The first clause in the government’s platform states that “an end to the occupation is the basis for stability and security in the region.” The clause addressing diplomatic agreements says that “the government is committed to maintain the Palestinian interests based on the Palestinian unity document (the prisoners’ document), decisions of the PLO institutions and decisions of the Arab summits.” The unity government declares that it is “committed to Palestinian refugees’ right of return to their homes and lands. The government will work to release prisoners and will battle Israel’s assassination, arrest and destruction policy, and will view the struggle against Israel’s policy in Jerusalem and the holy sites as particularly important.” The new Palestinian government states that “it will work to strengthen its relations with the Arab and Muslim countries and its policy will be based on openness and cooperation with the international community based on mutual respect. “The government will work to end the security anarchy in the Palestinian Authority by establishing a national security council, implementing a reform program and rebuilding the security organizations based on loyalty to the state and adopting an overall security plan which will end the security anarchy in the PA.” The government also vows to put an end to infighting, work to improve the Palestinian population’s economic situation, and strengthen the internal systems, headed by the legal system. The three conditions issued by the Quartet – recognizing Israel, renouncing terror and honoring past agreements – were not included in the PA unity agreement. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Wednesday evening said that he would present his new government over the weekend. “Today is an occasion to celebrate. We have done everything,” he declared after a late-night meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah.