Next time you are dealing with a horrible commute to work, that fat guy taking up 2/3 of the bus seat leaning on your shoulder as he snores and drools, just think about what you are working for –remember how much of your pay check goes to taxes. Now try to remember the Millions of dollar your government just gave to “prop up” the PA. Heres the exciting part, some of those millions are going to be given to support those families whose relatives have “martyred” themselves.

Yes America, we are shmos– slaving away trying to eek out a living–giving much of our sweat and elbow grease to the government, and they in turn are giving that money to the PA so they can pay of the family of some poor bastard, convinced by some Ayatollah that blowing up some Jews will get them an eternity with 72 virgins.

Forgive me for asking but if these virgins were so hot–then why aren’t the Imams first in line to grab the explosive belts? Why don’t you see those angry old bastards trying to cut the line “Excuse me Achmed, Ayatollah first…rank has its privileges?” You know why? Because the Imams know there aren’t any virgins, and that the poor saps aren’t going to any paradise. The best that can happen is that once their body parts settle, their family will get some of Sammy’s paycheck….money that he worked hard for— with sweat, with elbow grease, with drool from that fat guy snoring on his shoulder.

Yes ladies and gentleman, I present to you —your American Tax Dollars at work—Paying off some poor gullible schmuck’s family. Think about THAT next time some politician calls for a tax increase. The fun part is that newspaper you got in the morning–the one you purchased along with the cup of Joe and five dollars worth of lottery tickets that you pray will be your ticket off the white collar assembly line…THAT newspaper won’t tell you how your Palestinian aid is being spent….no for that you have to read the Palestinian media like the Ma’an news service below.

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Fayyad promises to pay allowances owed to families of those killed during Israeli attacks

Ramallah – Ma’an – Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Wednesday pledged to pay the accumulated dues to the families of those killed during Israeli attacks, within the coming months.

During a reception for a delegation representing the “National Coalition of Martyrs’ Families”, Fayyad that said his government took the issue of “martyrs’ families” very seriously, and that their accumulated dues would be paid. He also promised to deal with the issue of military employees’ salaries, “especially after President Abbas ratified a decree amending the retirement law”.

The secretary general of the NCMF, Muhammad Sbeihat, expressed his satisfaction with Fayyad’s promises.

He said: “We have been promised that the treasury will pay the accumulated six months’ worth of allowances for the families. These will be paid in installments during the coming years, in addition to the monthly salaries to be paid at this time.”

As for the families of Palestinian militants, killed during clashes with Israeli forces, Fayyad reassured the delegation that the new amendment to the retirement law by President Abbas will now give credit to those families.

Sbeihat, however, did not expect these issues to be dealt with immediately, as the treasury has now finished all arrangements for the current month’s salary payments.