There are more fools in the world than there are people.
—Heinrich Heine (1797 – 1856)

While Israel is busy “giving away the farm” along with Jerusalem and the the Temple Mount, the Palestinian Authority has yet to make concession one. The most basic understanding recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland, is rejected by the terrorists. And Condi Rice still thinks there is an opportunity for peace, and her lapdog Olmert is still working on the destruction of a 2000 year old dream.

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PA/PLO – Israel? OK. Jewish Israel? No way
By Stan Goodenough
Nov 12, 2007 Just weeks before the Bush administration is set to convene its conference on the creation of Palestine, one of the PLO/PA’s most senior spokesman declared that the “Palestinians” will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Saeb Erekat was speaking on Palestine Radio Monday when he gave the rationale for the “Palestinian” position. “There is no country in the world where religious and national identities are intertwined,”

Hold on there Cowboy and forgive me for saying so but you are full of cow chips:

  • In many countries religious and national identities are tied together. The State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report, for example, notes that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is the official state religion of Denmark and Norway, and “enjoys some privileges not available to other faiths.”
  • In Greece, the Constitution establishes the Eastern Orthodox Church as the “prevailing religion.”
  • The official titles of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran begin with “The Islamic Republic of…,” a point reinforced in those countries’ constitutions. The Jordanian constitution describes that country as an “Arab State” and notes that “Islam is the religion of the State.” The Saudi constitution states that “Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab Islamic state with Islam as its religion.” And numerous other states describe themselves in a similar manner.
  • Even Erekat’s own “constitution” is tied to a religion. The Palestinian Basic Law, which acts as a provisional constitution, asserts that “Islam is the official religion in Palestine,” and that”The principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the main source of legislation.” The more recent Palestinian draft constitution similarly notes that Islam will be the official religion of any future Palestinian state. The words thus spelled out by PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ right hand man shone light on a central component of the deceptive, and usually hidden, PLO strategy whose end goal has always been the eradication of a sovereign Jewish state from the Muslim Middle East.

Olmert has said—We won’t hold negotiations on our existence as a Jewish state, this is a launching point for all negotiations,” he said. “We won’t have an argument with anyone in the world over the fact that Israel is a state of the Jewish people. “Whoever does not accept this cannot hold any negotiations with me. This has been made clear to the Palestinians and the Americans.” Yet that is exactly what he is doing.