“If all of you [Arab States] will fight Israel, we are in favor. Palestinians will not fight alone because they don’t have the ability.” PA President Abbas at Arab League Meeting

Similar to to his predecessor, “moderate” terrorist PA President, Mahmoud Abbas says one thing in English to appear he wants peace and something different in Arabic. Last week he told the Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, that he supports negotiations with Israel because it is the only option. However he want on to say “If you [Arab states] want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don’t have the ability to do it.”

Abbas made this comment at a meeting with writers and journalists in the home of the Palestinian Ambassador to Jordan.

The following is the transcript from the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (translated by Palestinian Media Watch)

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“‘We don’t accept the statement [of Hamas]: a [Palestinian] state of resistance and refusal. What we hear from everyone is that the basis is negotiations, at a time that the entire world agrees about this, despite the absence of other options, we either have negotiations or no negotiations, what has put Israel in the corner. 

We are unable to confront Israel militarily, and this point was discussed at the Arab League Summit in March in Sirt (Libya). There I turned to the Arab States and I said: ‘If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don’t have the ability to do it.’ He [Abbas] said: ‘The West Bank was completely destroyed and we will not agree that it will be destroyed again,’ in addition to ‘the inability to confront Israel militarily.'” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (Fatah), July 6, 2010

 Maybe President Obama doesn’t have anyone on staff who speaks Arabic, or (more likely) he just doesn’t care, because just three days later the White House issued this press release

For Immediate Release
July 09, 2010
Readout of the President’s Call with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority

The President spoke with Palestinian Authority President Abbas today. The President expressed strong support for President Abbas’s leadership on behalf of the Palestinian people and his commitment to peace. The President noted the positive momentum generated by the recent improvements on the ground in Gaza and in the West Bank, the restraint shown by both sides in recent months, and progress in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks. He and President Abbas reviewed ways to advance to direct talks in the near term, in order to reach an agreement that ends the conflict, and establishes an independent and viable Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel. The President noted that Special Envoy Mitchell would travel to the region soon and meet with President Abbas to build on this momentum to advance our common goals.

 Commitment to Peace??? I wonder where the POTUS figured that out? Was it Abbas’ statement that he was in favor of a Pan Arab war against Israel? That doesn’t sound like a commitment to peace, sounds like a war-monger.

Last week Obama  made a ridiculous statement that Israelis did not trust him because of his middle name.  Truth is that incidents such as the above which points to his refusal to recognize the true intentions of Abbas and the Palestinian Authority provides another example of the real reason why Israelis mistrust the American President.