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Since the UN announcement yesterday, there has been a plethora of great information about the Head of the New UN Fact Finding mission Desmond Tutu. Please allow me to present some of to you below. As mentioned yesterday, we need to call write…etc. to make sure that he is seen for what he is…a Jew hater! I do not believe that we can get the UN to drop him. But we show that his report will not come from facts but from his deep-seated hatred of Jews (my friend Chaim suggested that it is already written), we can try to make sure that his hatchet job will be ignored.

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I encourage you to take the time to read the stories below:

  • Some guy named Yidwithlid posted tons of details about the comments made by Tutu the doo doo. His post is at URGENT !! We Must Stop Bigot TuTu NOW!
  • Yael at Boker Tov wants to say TaTa to Tutu: I can’t bear this. The United Nations have appointed outspoken anti-Israel activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu to head its fact-finding mission investigating Israel’s accidental shelling of a Beit Hanoun building. Read her entire post here
  • My Good Friend Chaim wonders why Tutu is going to Gaza instead of Darfur in his post: Human Rights Council or Murderers’ Council? – Part II Instead of doing anything to solve the problem of Darfur, instead of doing anything to alleviate the plight of Fatma and thousands like her, the United Nations Human Rights Council ignores this problem while sending South African Bishop Desmond Tutu to investigate the accidental killing of 19 Gazans by Israel. The wanton rape and murder of hundreds of thousands, by Sudanese government backed Janjaweed, means nothing to the Human Rights Council.
  • Yoni the Blogger Joins the fight here
  • Carl From Israel Matzav lends his perspective with his usual direct style on his Blog Al-AP is reporting that ‘Nobel Laureate’ Desmond Tutu is going to be heading the United Nations ‘fact-finding mission’ to Beit Hanoun. According to the president of the UN Human Rights Council, Luis Alfonso De Alba, Tutu will travel to Beit Hanoun to “assess the situation of victims, address the needs of survivors and make recommendations on ways and means to protect Palestinian civilians against further Israeli assaults.” It goes without saying that they will not be looking at ways to protect Israelis from Kassam rockets being shot at Sderot from Beit Hanoun
  • Jason shows true Jewish Leadership on his site A Tutu for Beit Hanoun Showing true lack of bias as well as new-found objectivity, the UN is sending African Archbishop and reknowned Israel-hater Desmond (Israel=Apartheid) Tutu (get the feeling there’s a theme in this post?) on a fact-finding mission regarding the IDF shelling accident last week
  • Kateland pulls no punches on her Blog the Last Amazon: Just when you think the UN Humans Rights Commission members cannot possibly be more outright malicious or morally bankrupt than they currently shown themselves to be; the Commission does something so outrageously duplicit that it takes ones breathe away. Read her hard hitting post The Song Remains the Same
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Thousands of attempted suicide bombings, each seeking to murders dozens of Israeli civilians and maim hundreds more. Nothing. Dozens of successful suicide bombings that did exactly that. Nothing. A decade of terror and horror woven into the fabric of one of the most willfully joyful nations on the planet. Not a single UN investigation. Not one. The rest of this powerful post can be found her

At an appearance in Boston in 2002, Bishop Desmond Tutu succinctly described his view of Israel: “Israel is like Hitler and apartheid.” So when the UN Human Rights Council went looking for someone to head a fact-finding mission to the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanun, where an IDF artillery barrage killed 19 civilians earlier this month, Tutu naturally came to mind. Today’s Jerusalem Post reports: “Tutu to head UN rights commission to Gaza.” Sickening

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Please Keep Up the Fight !