The American Psychological Association (APA) has gone crazy–the entire organization ! A week ago during their national convention in San Francisco (why does that seem so appropriate) they voted that any of its members that help out at Guantanamo Bay can lose their shrink license (I am assuming that they would loose the decoder ring also)

Why is the move by the APA—well CRAZY ? Well lets start with the fact that we are at war folks. America and our way of life faces its biggest threat since 1945. To refuse in our efforts to figure out how the enemy works is not only unpatriotic but its stupid. The next 9/11 could be in your backyard.

If they really feel for the the detainees, they should want their people there. Aiding in the proceedings making sure there was no torture going on. During the convention some doctors demanded that military doctors stop force-feeding detainees attempting to commit suicide. Excuse me folks, but as my son would say—that is nucking futs!

By Andrew Walden
Front Page Magazine
The American Psychological Association has become the latest professional medical group to undermine Homeland Security efforts on leftist grounds.

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have already barred their members from any role in interrogations at Guantanamo Bay. Some left-wing doctors even demand military doctors stop force-feeding detainees attempting to commit suicide. In spite of the fact that a doctor’s duty to protect a suicidal person against himself, it is more important that the suicidal Islamists be allowed to die in order to bring negative publicity on Guantanamo. The American Psychological Association (APA) convention in San Francisco, August 20 voted to threaten psychologists with loss of their license to practice if they participate, directly or indirectly, in a variety of activities it deems torture. However, the resolution includes overly broad categories that effectively ban APA members from assisting their nation to combat the terrorist threat. Practices that could cause psychologists to be forced out of their profession include “cultural or religious humiliation, exploitation of phobias or psychopathology…forced nakedness, stress positions, the use of dogs to threaten or intimidate…slapping, shaking, exposure to extreme heat or cold, threats of harm or death, isolation, sensory deprivation, over stimulation and sleep deprivation.” Notice the resolution’s sandwiching technique, interspersing genuine acts of torture such as rape, induced hypothermia, and physical assault with faux torture that is “humiliating” or causes “mental stress.” In addition to barring members from participation in non-torture, it is designed to inoculate the resolution against criticism: the APA can charge those who oppose this resolution favor rape. The resolution is no symbolic gesture. APA spokesperson Rhea Farberman explained that an APA member who violates the torture resolution could be expelled from the Washington-based organization, and this could lead to the loss of the professional’s state license to practice. Psychologists and psychiatrists employed by the Department of Defense play a key role in designing techniques to extract information from detainees. This motion prevents them from assisting anti-terrorist measures, at the expense of their livelihood. However, the APA is keeping its foot in the door. As Farberman explained, “We want to stay engaged in the discussion about appropriate and effective interrogation techniques.” However, it appears the APA really wants to expose instances of “torture” in the international media. The resolution directs: “all psychologists with information relevant to the use of any method of interrogation constituting torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment [and remember, this includes “mental stress” – Ed.] have an ethical responsibility to inform their superiors of such knowledge, to inform the relevant office of inspector generals when appropriate, and to cooperate fully with all oversight activities, including hearings by the United States Congress…for the purpose of ensuring that no individual in the custody of the United States is subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment….” Those who violate this resolution could lose their licenses. As with any dishonest exercise, the APA resolution is full of unintended irony. Sensory deprivation is commonly used in psychological studies and is even suggested as a treatment for claustrophobia and some addictions – but a psychologist who designs methods to use it to extract information about future attacks on American targets could lose his license. Psychologists have prescribed Ritalin to more than five million American schoolchildren, but they threaten to yank the license of any psychologist who directly, or indirectly, participates in or designs an interrogation involving “the use of psychotropic drugs or mind-altering substances for the purpose of eliciting information.” Employing a good-cop/bad-cop technique, the APA resolution prevailed over an even more stringent resolution put forward by the misnamed “Psychologists for an Ethical APA.” Their resolution would have simply barred all psychologists from any type of participation in anything related to Guantanamo or other facilities where detainees are held. The resolution was passed under pressure from organized leftists within its ranks. APA representatives crafted the statement as protesters donned hoods and orange jumpsuits, one standing in the center of the auditorium. (There was no indication that the protesters suffered any psychological trauma from wearing the hoods.) The Ethical APA website is crudely decorated with photos of shackled fascist Guantanamo detainees in orange jumpsuits kneeling on the ground as American guards stand watch. This treatment, recognizable at any prison, is supposed to be an ethical lapse when applied to illegal combatants who are subject absolutely no protection and no rights under the Third Geneva Convention Part 1 because they meet none of the requirements of Article 4:1:2. “Ethical APA” leader Stephen Soldz unwittingly explains how he came to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome: “Like many in my generation, I grew up in the anti-Vietnam war and other social justice movements of the 1960’s.” Nearly 40 years later America is still paying the price exacted by the Destructive Generation