Charlie Crist has no scruples. The Florida Governor who pulled an Arlen Specter and left the GOP when it it was apparent that he would lose his party’s nomination, once again shows that his politics are based on which way the wind blows.

As recently as Monday, Crist told reporters that the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, “has worked pretty well for America.” But that was the early part of the week. Before the Senate voted to repeal the the policy.

Three days later Crist said, “Ultimately, as in all military matters, I defer to the Pentagon and to the generals and what the Senate is doing today is giving them the ultimate authority to do what is best for our military,” Crist said. “So, I would be inclined to support the Senate’s action on this.”

Man, Crist’s positions have a shorter expiration date than President Obama’s.

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Remember the debate Chris Wallace moderated between Crist and Rubio? Remember this little exchange between Crist and Wallace?

WALLACE: Speaking of these questions about your political future, there have been persistent rumors in Florida that you are so far behind, at least currently, in the polls — double digits to Mr. Rubio — that you may run instead as an independent.

Here is your chance to dispel all the rumors. Are you willing to pledge right here, right now that you will run in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate and not run as an independent?

CRIST: I’m running as a Republican. I’m very proud to be from the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, others that really have stood up for the principles of our party, like Ronald Reagan.

This is a great party. It has a great future. We have a great opportunity to win in November. It’s important that we put a candidate up that can win in November.

WALLACE: So are you ruling out that you will file as an independent by the April 30th deadline?

CRIST: That’s right. That’s right. I’m running as a Republican.

But Crist’s leading Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, says that Crist has done the same thing with offshore drilling:

which he was against, then supported, and now opposes again — and a legislative bill repealing teacher tenure that he earlier supported but ultimately vetoed, marks him as untrustworthy to voters.

In the end it is the campaign of Marco Rubio, Christ’s Republican opponent, who had the best description of Crist.

“He has made it clear that he will say-do-be anything to try to win an election,” Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos said. “Marco Rubio is the only candidate in this race who voters trust to say what he believes.”

No matter what your opinion is on the specific issues, it is clear that Charlie Crist cannot be trusted to be Florida’s Senator.