One of the most disgusting sights in the world is a number tattooed on someone’s arm. Its disgusting because it invokes memories of how the Nazis dehumanized people.

The Nazis tattooed prisoners in the camps because it was one of their ways to make them feel inhuman. They tattooed you and made you like everyone in the camps. They tattooed you so it was easier on them to count prisoners and keep track of you. They chose tattooing because they knew that Tattoos were banned by Jewish law. What they didn’t realize is that Jewish law also realizes that there were things out of peoples control. Tattooing the arms of their concentration camp victims was just one more way of torturing them.

Now on the Daily Kos there is a story of an Obama Supporter getting number tattoos in honor of their Hero. Folks if Obama wins this is our future:

I got myself a souvenir, to remind me I can push myself further than I thought I could go. There’s a lot to love about doing GOTV. Maybe you have a cool canvass partner, maybe a walk through a neighborhood of pretty houses on a beautiful day. Maybe you have one of those incredible conversations with someone on their doorstep — maybe an immigrant proudly tells you in halting English that he is now a citizen and is so excited to get to vote for the first time, maybe you actually change someone’s mind, or even just plant an idea you can see they’ll be thinking over for a while. Maybe there’s the thrill of finally getting to log onto Daily Kos and tell your friends you, too, were out there working to elect Democrats. But even if you can’t find a way it’s fun, if you really believe we need Barack Obama to be president, need 60 in the Senate, need a progressive majority in the House that isn’t constantly undermined by the Republican-Blue Dog alliance, then you need to find a way to push yourself.