Sometimes my wife make fun of me. She says I’m a worrywart.

Usually my concern surrounds kids, family or close friends, but never a public figure. But something happened last night which caused me to lose sleep. Samantha Power, UN Ambassador who has long recommended intervention in the Syrian “civil” war was strangely absent from the emergency security council meeting about Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

During her confirmation hearings last month, Power made it a point to criticize the failure of the U.N. to respond to Syria, saying,

The failure of the U.N. Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria is a disgrace that history will judge harshly,” Power told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday. 

“What we have sought to do, as you know, is not simply rely on the Security Council but to proceed with a multifaceted approach aimed at isolating the regime, bringing about the end of the regime, strengthening the opposition,” she added. “We have worked through the General Assembly to signal just how isolated Syria is, even as the Security Council remains paralyzed.”

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But Power did not attend the emergency meeting. She was instead represented by career diplomat Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo.

A U.S. mission official told Fox News that Power was on a “pre-arranged trip” and maintained that she was focusing closely on the Syria attack.

“Ambassador Power has secure communications and has been in constant contact with her staff and the White House,” the official said. “She is monitoring events, participated in the National Security Council meeting on Egypt convened by the president, and is providing instructions to her staff.”

One of the Obama administration’s most vocal critics of its U.N. operation, though, blasted Power for her absence.

“Samantha Power has been on the job exactly 19 days. In that time, she’s already traveled from New York to Los Angeles to deliver a speech. Her absence from the UN on Wednesday sends a terrible message at a time when U.S. credibility in the region is suffering,” Richard Grenell, a former U.N. spokesman under the George W. Bush administration, wrote in an online column.

Mr. Grenell may be reacting too fast.  Does he really know what happened to Ms. Powell? After all this was a huge meeting for the Ambassador to attend. Based on her confirmation hearing statement’s I am sure she really wanted to be there, that excuse by the U.S. mission official must be some sort of cover up. Perhaps they just didn’t want people to worry (but once my worrying starts it can’t stop)

By 3am I was still worrying so I got out of bed and called every hospital and police precinct located near the United Nations building in New York, but thankfully NY’s first responders hadn’t had any calls about Power.

Riding into work on the train angst was still flowing something came to me (the pungent aroma of the woman who sat in the seat next to me–she must have fermented in strong perfume). To protect my olfactory glands I rose to change my seat and saw an ad for purchasing school supplies at Walmart. That was it!

Maybe Ms Powers was so busy buying her kids school supplies that she didn’t realize there was an international crisis going on.  Any one can relate to that! One teach wants the paper with three holes, the other with five holes. The calculator has a 12-digit long code name and must be able to do advanced calculus…..Gee whiz it drive me crazy, why should she be different.  I checked Wikipedia and learned she had two children but both were of preschool age. Her absence must be explained by something else.

I checked the movie and concert schedules to see if there were any tickets going on sale for a big event, maybe she was up all night, camping outside some ticket location to be first on line to make a purchase, however was nothing big coming up.

Samantha Power has a undying concern for humanity and she is the US Ambassador, that makes her a big shot in the U.N.. She would not stand idly by while woman and children were being cruelly attacked with nerve gas, especially since Syria is one of her major concerns.   She must be very, very busy or–OMG-or even kidnapped. What else could be so important to keep a brand new UN Ambassador from her first UN Security Council emergency.

Folks you see my conundrum?  I am running out of places to look and can’t spend another day without sleep..please help me. As you go about your day, please keep an eye out for her. Let me know if you see somebody who looks like her, or even better please approach Ms Power and tell her to call,  I am so worried.