Sometimes it seems that Israel’s UN ambassador Dan Gillerman is the only one in the government who owns a backbone. He is constantly out front defending Israel, with his usual form of bluntness and logic. In fact if the tower of Jell-O also known as the PM, Mr. Olmert, had shown the same resolve as Gillerman maybe Israel would be in a much better situation than it is now. Who knows what would have happened this summer in Lebanon if Olmert had listened to his generals and allowed them to WIN the war. What would happen if the ineffectual PM listened to his generals about GAZA?

Now Mr. Cellophane is trying to reign in Dan Gillerman. During Friday’s debate on the one sided UN General Assembly proclamation against Israel, Gillerman faced down France, one of the countries behind the bill

“If France was shelled from across the border, what would the French do? Would the French government send flowers to their attackers? Well, by voting for this resolution you will be sending flowers to the terrorists, flowers which tomorrow will be laid on the grave of the next Israeli victim.”

Gillerman was also quoted as saying over the weekend that the French were “more active in furthering the passing of the resolution than the Qataris, who initially presented the resolution.”

He also reportedly blamed the French for convincing EU countries like Germany and Poland, who wanted to abstain, to vote for the resolution.

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(From the Jerusalem Post)

In another interview Gillerman said:

“The French demonstrated excessive eagerness to understand terror while exhibiting utter insensitivity to the pain of (Israeli) terror victims,” Gillerman said.

“If the French feel under attack then I think it would be a classic case depicted by the childhood phrase ‘the thief’s hat is on fire’ (meaning the culprit’s guilt is clear to all).”

“As I said over the pulpit, what a country like France would do if it were under rocket attacks? Would they be sending out flowers to those who launched the missiles? This (UN) resolution is like sending out flowers to terror, flowers that, God forbid, might be laid at the grave of another victim from Sderot.”

“Anyone who saw the French ambassador leaning over the shoulder of the Palestinian envoy during my speech realizes this is more than a reasonable effort to try pass this resolution and to force other European countries to join in on the effort,” Gillerman said.

YNet reported that Gillerman further showed is displeasure at the French’s constant hostility toward Israel.

Following his speech, Gillerman walked past the French Ambassador without greeting him. The disregard was apparent even at lower echelons. Israeli diplomats have recently begun regarding France as a hostile force in the Security Council as well as the EU. “It (France) is truly and Arab extension,” one Israeli diplomatic source said.

European countries such as Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Britain intended on refraining from the vote at the general assembly, which would have lead to many other eastern European and South American countries refraining as well. French diplomats, working closely with the Palestinians, Lebanon, and Qatar, pressured those countries and advised them to soften the proposal in order to bridge the gap with the EU.

Bravo Mr. Gillerman, you showed some real leadership! Instead of some political gobbly-gook— you got up and told the truth. You put France’s hatred toward Israel out on the table where everyone could see it. And I love the line about the French ambassador leaning over the shoulder of the Palestinian envoy

Of course at the first display of backbone the Prime Minister objects. Instead of baking Gillerman up, showed his total lack of backbone by taking issue with Gillerman’s actions. The JPost reported:

The Foreign Ministry was “taken aback” by Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman’s sharp and public criticism of France for their role in getting EU nations to vote for Friday’s General Assembly condemnation of Israel, sources in the ministry said Sunday.
“Nobody authorized him to touch off an open crisis with France,” one ministry source said. “We didn’t need that, we could have asked for explanations from the French in private, we don’t need to fan the flames in public.”

OH Boy, you would think that Gillerman did something horrible like offer a free weekend in Eilat to someone who’s town was being showered with rockets (a particular pet peeve of the PM and his defense minister)

Through out our history, whenever the Jewish people needed a leadership, G-d sent us a leader. Maybe we should pray to Hashem that he take that action now. Moshe, the Judges, Judah Maccabbee, Ben Gurion, are just a few examples of the wonderful leaders we have had. Even Sharon, agree or disagree with his policies, but he was a leader.

Olmert on the other hand is a political hack who is desperately trying to keep his head above water, and he is clearly loosing that battle, he has no leadership qualities, cannot make the tough decisions, and does not have the confidence in himself to trust the people who can.

I urge my Israeli brothers and sisters to do whatever they can within the law to force new elections. It is time for Israel to once again have a leader.

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