Once again showing the true nature of his leadership, it was announced in Ynet news that Israeli Prime Minister is busy having his Jerusalem home “improved”:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s residence is being outfitted with a bunker that can withstand a nuclear or chemical attack, an Israeli daily reported Thursday. Workers at Olmert’s official Jerusalem residence are thickening walls, digging, and installing air purification equipment capable of countering chemical agents, according to the report in the mass circulation Yedioth Ahronoth. Mark Regev, a spokesman for Olmert, would not comment on the report. “But obviously all governments have an obligation to guarantee the ongoing and efficient functioning of the government in a crisis situation,” Regev said.

I agree with you Mr Regev. the problem is that a bunker is already being built.

As part of the push to protect Israel’s leaders from a non-conventional attack, the paper wrote, Israel is also building a giant nuclear bunker in the hills several kilometers (miles) outside Jerusalem that will be accessible via a tunnel leading from government offices inside the city. The bunker is supposed to house the military’s headquarters and top government officials if the country comes under nuclear attack. Work on the bunker began several years ago and is expected to end in 2011, the report said.

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Olmert has another place to go. And knowing Israel, I bet the bunker described above is replacing on that already exists some where else. But even a personal bunker loaded with all of the grease you use to keep those five hairs down in the middle of your bald spot wouldt be an issue if it weren’t for the 2,500 Kassams that have been fired at the country during the last two years.

This morning a Kassam landed near a school:

Ten children, and eight others, are suffering from trauma in the Negev city of Sderot after a Kassam rocket slammed down just 40 meters from an elementary school. The attack occured around 11 AM.One pupil reported that when the Color Red early warning system was sounded, his teacher told the class to remain in their seats because the class was reinforced. However, when they heard the crash and realized how close it had hit, some students and teachers began crying. The school’s psychological and counseling staff is currently being bolstered with staff from other schools and nearby cities. (Source: Israel National News)

Forty Meters, a little over 130 feet. For those of you familiar with baseball, that is approximately the distance from home plate to the back of the infield where the dirt hits the grass—in other words, much too close for comfort. Yet, with all of this happening, Olmert’s Defense Minister, Barak is delaying the implementation of a defense system for Sedrot for political reasons, because it was originally approved by his predecessor (see Barak LIED- Witholds Kassam Protection Funds). And now it seems that Prime Minister is too busy protecting his hind-quarters first to care about Sedrot.

Israel’s leaders used to be famous for two words, “Follow Me !” They would always be on the front lines LEADING and protecting their people. It is sad that the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister has changed those words to “Me First,” because Israel needs a great leader now more than ever !