Ignoring the 3,000+ rockets fired into Sderot since he became Prime Minister , and most recently an eight year old boy who lost half his leg, for all intents and purposes Ehud Olmert said this morning that he does not give a rat’s ass about Sderot and the other Negev communities by announcing that there will not be a large scale assault on Gaza to stop the bombing,
DEBKAfile: Olmert scorns clamor for large-scale army assault on Gaza to quell Palestinian missile aggression

February 10, 2008, 10:54 AM (GMT+02:00) Anger is no plan of action. We will carry on as before,” the prime minister told the ministers meeting in Jerusalem.After two brothers were seriously injured by one of the 39 missiles to hit Sderot and its environs Friday and Saturday, hundreds of protesters from the town were stopped by police from reaching defense minister EhudEhud BarakBarak’s TelTel AvivAviv home Saturday night. Barak visited Sderot early Sunday to be accused of responsibility for the town’s ruinous plight. Overnight, doctors amputated one of the crushed legs of 8-year old Osher Twita, who is still unconscious, and operated on his older brother Rami. Their mother and a third brother were among the 11 shock victims. Serious damage was caused homes in Sderot and NetivNetiv HaHa’asara greenhouses. As Sderot citizens set out Sunday to protest outside the cabinet office in Jerusalem, ministers and lawmakers demanded sweeping ground action, targeting of Hamas and JihadJihad IslamiIslami leaders and tighter economic sanctions against Gaza.Sderot leaders said that if “a strategic military operation” continues to be withheld to stem the missile assaults, whose accuracy is improving, the town must be evacuated. So far, Olmert has barred both options. He takes off for Berlin later Sunday despite ministers’ demands for him to reschedule his trip and take charge of the missile crisis. Overnight, Israel carried out four air strikes against Palestinian metal workshops in GazaGaza CityCity and Rafah and a Hamas arms depot. DEBKAfile’s military sources report: EhudEhud BarakBarak has more than once threatened firmer and broader military action to stop the missile blitz from Gaza. So far he and the prime minister have kept the military on a tight leash.Israeli ground forces are restricted to areas 2 km inside Gaza, usually in the north, whereas the missile fire comes from the villages and camps deeper inside the enclave, which Israeli forces are ordered not to enter. Thursday, an Israeli infantry unit discovered for the first time new underground silos for shooting missiles by remote control, making the launches and crews harder than ever to detect by air surveillance drones. Military sources believed they were installed with the help of the LebaneseLebanese HizballahHizballah.