When we last met our two “peace makers” they were enjoying a nice quite Shabbos afternoon discussion together. Yesterday’s meeting must have been the “beginning of a beautiful friendship” because the today Jew and the Muslim exchanged presents on Christmas Eve. Abbas’ gift was some more Qassam rockets and Omert’s gift was total capitulation.
Abbas’ Gift: More Qassams ( ArutzSheva 12/24) Abbas’ gift consisted of more bombs raining down on Sderot and the Kibbutzim in the area. One almost killing a group of children playing in a nursery:

Over the Sabbath weekend, three rockets were fired towards Sderot and the Negev, causing extensive damage to a bank and apartment building. One person was lightly hurt by shrapnel, and five were treated for shock. A Qassam rocket was fired Sunday from the northern Gaza Strip and landed in a Sderot neighborhood, near a nursery school. Several children were inside the kindergarten at the time of the attack. Adi Rafael, who owns the apartment used by the nursery, told Ynet, “The rocket hit a hedge we built to separate between the nursery and the yard. This wall saved the children who were here, because it was very badly damages. Had the rocket hit the house, I don’t want to think what would have happened.”

Olmert responded in kind with continuation of his policy of complete capitulation to the terrorists. His present includes not bombing the rocket launchers in Gaza even though the IDF knows where they are, release of terrorist prisoners even though it takes away some of the bargaining chips for negotiating the return of Giliad Shalit along with those gifts Olmert has given his new “BFF” Abbas 100 million dollars to buy more rockets.The specifics of Olmert’s Gifts include # one restraint:

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said during a cabinet meeting Sunday regarding Israel’s restrain policy. “It isn’t enough to attack those firing Qassams. We have to protect Sderot and the Negev,” he added, and called for a decision “as soon as possible”.(Ynet 12/24)

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Also during the government meeting, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that there were situations in which IDF soldiers identify Qassam cells before any are launched, but refrain from acting against them. Peretz presented estimates by security sources, which showed it was not sure that the restraint actually served moderate source in the Palestinian Authority well. The defense minister added that the restrain may actually play into the hands of those who were “proud to shoot at Israel .”

Olmert’s second present…the “good will gesture” Gee I thought the good-will gesture was not bombing the hell out of them every time they send a Qassam into the Negev….Who Knew?

Jpost 12/24 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asked ministers in a cabinet meeting on Sunday whether Israel should agree to release security prisoners as a gesture of goodwill towards Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahomud Abbas. The issue was raised following a request from Abbas to release prisoners ahead of the Muslim holiday Id al-Adha, Israel Radio reported Olmert asked the ministers whether Israel should comply with Abbas’srequest before the release of kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Three ministers supported the release of some prisoners. Vice Premier Shimon Peres said that releasing prisoners would strengthen ties with the moderate factions in the Palestinian Authority. Defense Minister Amir Peretz said the gesture was welcome and should not be dependent on the release of Shalit, while Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz stated that Israel has acted similarly in the past and there was no reason to deny Abbas’s request. Noam Shalit, father of the kidnapped IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit, expressed later Sunday his dissatisfaction with the government’s dealing with his son’s kidnapping. Shalit said he feels ignored by the Prime Minister’s Office. “I called the [Prime Minister’s] Office and I’m still waiting that they call me back,” said Shalit. “The information I receive is minimal, and nobody cares to update us on where things stand.” Regarding events such as Olmert’s meeting with Abbas or the decision to release prisoners, Shalit said “I receive no information on these things.” “We are disappointed. We would expect the prime minister and the government to come up with more creative solutions dealing with a crisis like this.” He added that “looking at the result we have achieved nothing. Unfortunately, after six months I cannot give good news not to him nor to us.”Olmert did not himself take a stand on the question, but wanted to sound out the ministers’ opinion. The issue of a prisoner swap was raised at Olmert’s earlier meeting with Abbas, but no agreement was reached on the subject. The issue of releasing prisoners followed a decision reached by Olmert and Abbas to release $100 million in tax revenue to the PA, a decision unanimously approved by the cabinet. The Knesset is to convene Sunday evening to vote on Abbas’s request for releasing prisoners.

Olmert gives Abbas 100 Million Dollars. Whaddaya know …the way to get rich is to deny the Shoah and Kill Jews. If you do that and the PM of Israel will give you a very big check. As reported in the Jerusalem Post today:

Wearing smiles, shaking hands and kissing each other on the cheek, Olmert and Abbas began the first official talks held between Israel and the PA in more than two years. The meeting, which was announced only a few hours before the two men sat down, focused in large part on the issue of money.

Israel is currently holding some $500 million as part of the freeze on funds it collects on behalf of the PA that began after the Hamas terror organization took control of the government. Olmert agreed to release $100 million for humanitarian purposes, a sum Abbas hoped to use to pay government employees who have not received their full salaries since March.

I think its great that the Backboneless PM and the Terrorist President got into the sprit of the season by exchanging gifts. But I do whish that Olmert had included one more present in his gift bag, the one suggested by Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz and reported in today’s Jerusalem Post:

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz called on Sunday to renew the policy of targeted assassinations against heads of terrorist organizations. According to Mofaz, the assassination of certain key figures had caused a drop in terrorism and urged the Palestinians to request a cease-fire.

That one may not be in the Holiday Spirit, but it would be in the spirit of the primary function of a government to protect its citizens, something that Olmert had forgotten a long time ago.