Who knew?

Words develop new meanings all the time especially in this age of rapidly changing technology. Remember when opening a window involved a pane of glass? Apparently in the days since the start of the riots in Baltimore the colorless word “thugs” has developed racist connotations.

For example, the Rev. Jamal Bryant was on CNN Wednesday morning and criticized the President and the Baltimore mayor for calling the rioters thugs.

The President and the mayor are wrong, he said. “These are not thugs, these are upset and frustrated children. It’s amazing. You don’t call six police officers who kill a man without probable cause ‘thugs,’ but children who are frustrated and don’t have an outlet, you call them ‘thugs.’ ‘Thugs’ is the 21st century word for the n-word. And it is repulsive and it is offensive to every person who is a parent trying to raise children interpreting what’s taking place in this hour.”

Does this mean the word “thugs” will forever be known as the “T” word? Does the English language really need another word that cannot be spoken out loud?

When I was a kid, the only time I was allowed to say “bad words” was when I was tattling on someone else (usually my older brother or sister), such as “Mommy Paul said F**K.” These days it has become easier to tattle, the bad curse word simply became a letter, the “F” word.

Right after the OJ murder trial, that horrible word “nigger” became the “N” word, and unless an African American comedian or a rapper is saying the word, it gets bleeped out when someone says it on TV or radio.

More recently we stopped being able to use the noun “bitch” it became the “b” word. It is still proper to use the word as an verb “as in she bitched at me all day,” but it was now a major PC police violation if you said, “That bitch! She bitched at me all day”

Now it seems we’ve added the “T” word

There are those who believe this initial protocol is an example of political correctness gone overboard, but I disagree. We have 26 letters in the alphabet– we should have words that go with each of the letters, perhaps some of the letters should have more than one–but its not politically correct to leave any letter out, it will hurt their feelings

To honor a society where some people say the scientific term “black hole” is racist –below is a proposed list of words our government should not allow us to say completely aloud. That’s correct–we should be banned from saying the following words aloud:

  • “A” Word– Atomic Bomb…you know those WMDs that John Kerry’s negotiations will allow the Iranians to develop.
  • B” Word- Bitch, as in Barbara “don’t call me Ma’am call me Senator” Boxer.
  • C” Word-Clinton Foundation.  To Democratic Party spin masters any mention of the “C” word makes one a liar, political hack, and a misogynist.
  • D” Word– The word “drilling” can only be used in the context of dentistry. Drilling as in looking for domestic oil on US territory–very bad! Drilling creates jobs and personal independence, something progressives abhor.
  • “E” Word- Emails.  Like what used to be on Hillary Clinton’s server.
  • “F” Word- Still the traditional F**K. Some people used it when Barney Frank was called Fa*g**, but to be honest I can’t understand what is wrong with calling Congressman Frank a Fat Guy.
  • G” Word- Guns those evil things that are bad for America, especially when owned by a law-abiding citizens. 

    –>Progressives who believe the entire Second Amendment to the Constitution was a typo use the term “G” word.

  • “H” Word- Halliburton, Dick Cheney used to work there so it must be evil.
  • “I” Word- We can no longer say Illegal Immigrants. The preferred term should be Criminally Trespassing Aliens.
  • “J” Word-As in Grand Jury, like the one that didn’t bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson. They may have arrived at a true and just verdict but that doesn’t matter to people like Al Sharpton.
  • “K” Word-As In Karl Rove, some Democrats and Conservatives believe that Karl Rove is Satan. But every NY Jets fan knows Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick is the real Satan.
  • “L” Word-Libya as in that country where our mission was attacked. But at this time what difference does it now make?
  • “M” Word- Marines, Code Pink founder/Barack Obama fundraiser Jodie Evans says they are evil, so did the Late John Murtha.
  • “N” Word-The “traditional” definition.
  • O” Word– Oil–Despite the fact that fracking brought the price of oil down and for a while injected some life into the U.S. economy, Oil is bad Americans must be weaned off that stuff.
  • “P” Word- Presidential election campaign…as in “Oh “F” word it’s time for another “P” word again? Didn’t the last one end yesterday?
  • “Q” Word- Qur’an a holy book that terrorists never read, nor have they ever heard of or been in the same room with, because our President says there is no such thing as an Islamist terrorist.
  • “R” Word– Republicans. Because the progressives say we are all rich, old white men who are racists, misogynists, anti-Semites (but wait…I am Jewish) who hate the poor, and never pay their fair share of taxes.
  • “S” Word– Spam. It used to be a “meat,” but now it is unwanted email telling you how to make a zillion dollars from some bankers in Nigeria, how to grow your breasts or manhood, or why you need to fix your banking information.
  • “T” Word-Thugs
  • “U” Word-Under God, a term we aren’t supposed to use in polite circles anymore.
  • “V” Word– Victory. As in what our elected leaders will not let our military heroes achieve.
  • “W” Word- Warming. SHHHH! The earth hasn’t warmed for over 18 years. Call it climate change!
  • “X” Word– Xenophobia, Obama says we cant say anything bad about Islamist terrorists
  • “Y” Word-as in Yerushalayim, the Hebrew word for Jerusalem. Obama says it isn’t the capital of Israel–God says it is. But Obama won two elections and elections have consequences.
  • “Z” Word– Zealot. What the progressive/Democrats call any person who has attended a religious service more than once in a particular decade (Muslims not included). Those Democrats believe all the “Z” words live in rural America and cling to their “G” words

There you have it America, start learning them now because nobody wants to unite the country more than our President, Barack H*****N Obama. In 2008 he promised to bring the country together; and face it there is nothing that will bring the country together more than using the 26 terms above in all 57 states.

Some of you may say, this is totally wrong, the Federal Government should not interfere with communications, they should stay away from what goes into or comes out of our mouths, or It’s a matter of personal freedom. 

To them I say recycled rubbish!

How different is this 26 letter substitution plan than the food labeling provisions of Obamacare, or government regulations that forced us to use lousy light bulb substitutes and toilets that don’t flush. If the progressives are trying to tell us what to put into our mouths, like cupcakes at schools, or salt, or sugared soda, isn’t the next logical step for government to tell us what can (and more importantly what cannot) come out of our mouths? And now that “thugs” has joined the ranks, shouldn’t we fill the rest of the alphabet?