Boy oh Boy, the Walt Disney Company has sure changed since I worked there sixteen years ago. Apparently the hottest selling snack at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom park is Animal Poo. According to The Orlando Sentinel’s travel column:

A new shop at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is serving up desserts that look like varieties of animal droppings. Four kinds of poo are now in the case amid the caramel apples and marshmallow treats at Zuri’s Sweets Shop, which opened in the Africa section of the park last week.

Word is spreading fast. Even toddlers are walking up to the glass and pointing to the poo. The consensus opinion: They think their poo doesn’t stink.

 The picture above is a serving of the Giraffe Poo snack. Its not made of real poo that would be a sh**ty thing to do.

It’s a stack of five chocolate-brown pellets, each about the size of a large grape. Yep, tiny balls of poo. Let’s just say the taste is fudgy, like a brownie.

I also sampled elephant poo (dominated by oats and peanut butter, a bit flaky) and tamarin poo (pretzels, chocolate-peanut butter fudge), which was so firm it resisted cutting by the plastic ware. I didn’t try hippo poo, which is said to have chocolate fudge, caramel brownie, peanut butter and oats.

Each order costs $3.99, but there’s enough poo for two.

 This sh*t actually sounds delicious. I wonder if they serve sugarless versions for diabetics.