Two weeks ago, I responded to the Mainstream Media’s labeling of the Occupy Wall Street protests the Left-Wing version of the Tea Party. Apparently the reasons given to prove that comparison false were too vague for the media to understand because they continue to  make that comparison.  So to be helpful to the people in the “fourth estate,” I have created sort of a “difference between the Occupy Wall Street Protests, and the Tea Party Movement’ for idiots and the Mainstream Media ( I guess that is redundant). It follows below:

  • There was never a turd left on a Police Car during a Tea Party but there was during an Occupy Wall Street protest. 

Occupy Wall Street Protesters also defaced this Police Car:

  • After Tea Party Rallies many people commented about how the protesters left the area cleaner than how they found it. This is what Occupy Wall Street looks like:

  • No one at a Tea Party Rally ever defaced the Stars and Stripes, the same can’t be said of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  • Tea Party Protesters never made Anti-Semitic statements that Jews Control the media and Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street Has.

Note to the Mainstream Media: Please do not confuse Occupy Wall Street with Media Matters For America who have made similar Anti-Semitic statements.

Occupy Wall Street Also has an Anti-Israel component, something that was never seen at the Tea Party protests.

  •  Sadly no one in the Tea Party movement has ever been paid to attend a rally. But Some of the Occupy people get paid.

 Note: I have also never gotten money from the Koch Brothers per the claim by the Daily Kos types, maybe they don’t have my correct email.

  •   The Tea Party Movement Doesn’t have the Support of this guy, (but shhhhh we don’t want it).
  • And finally, when the Tea Party started it had no support from any party, Democrat or Republican. In fact the GOP establishment is still not comfortable with the Tea Party.  Occupy Wall Street was immediately embraced by the Democratic Party Leadership, such as Nancy Pelosi

and even President Obama.

In the end the difference between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party is very similar to the difference between the President and his progressive supporters and Conservative Americans.  Just like Occupy Wall Street, the progressives believe that American Institutions need to be defaced and torn down, maybe the progressives don’t attack police cars, but they attack our freedoms.

Conservatives believe that tapping the drive of the American people is the best way to clean up our problems.  For example they believe that the best way to clean up the economy is to make it easier for Americans to run their own businesses. On they other hand, both the progressives and the Occupy Wall Street Protesters believe that it is Government’s Job to clean up their mess.

Conservatives and the Tea Party both believe in American exceptionalism, we would never travel the world apologizing for America the way President Obama did, and we would never deface representations of that exceptionalism such as “Old Glory” the way the Occupy Wall Street movement did.

Antisemitism is big in the Occupy Wall Street Protests, just as it was during the progressive Anti-War Protests during the Bush Administration and  progressive Media Matters ever since. I have been to only a few Tea Party protests, have even worn a yarmulke and was never confronted with hatred against Jews or any other minority.  The Occupy Wall Street Movement also has anti-Israel elements, no surprise as the President who has embraced them is the most anti-Israel President we have ever had.

It is also interesting that leading Democrats have embraced the Occupy Wall Street protests.  The Tea Party Movement’s loyalty is to the American constitution and fiscal responsibility. While some of the hundreds of Tea Party groups across the country have endorsed candidates the deciding factor was not whether they were the party of the elephant or the mule, it is the candidate’s support of the movement’s agenda; returning the government to the Constitution and the freedoms which it guarantees, and to restore our “federal bank account to solvency.  We do not hate individuals who are rich or poor, we simply hate government policy which erodes the greatness of this one-of-a kind republic.  Which is something the mainstream media is either too biased or too dense to understand.

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