Here’s a little more “guilt by association” for Barack Obama. In this case his association was with a political party that has positions that would make friend of Israel feel uncomfortable at best. When we last left the Messiah of the Democratic Party he was running for Illinios State Senate with the endorsement of the Marxist New Party and the Chicago Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. He even signed a contract that he would openly present himself as a member of the party.

While I could find no quotes of Obama talking about the middle east, it is clear what the position of the party he signed a contract was:

On its national site the DSA Claims that it has been active in seeking a “two state solution” since 1983. Nice words but it has always taken a position to delegitmize Israel. And while the quotes I found are post Obama’s 1996 campaign, the DSA site says it is all part of a post 1983 effort:

The “wall” being built by the Israeli government is said to be a defense against terror attacks and protection for isolated, illegal and—in DSA’s view—undesirable Israeli settlements, but its creation—whether purposeful or not—will divide Palestinian communities in a manner that precludes the creation of an independent Palestinian state. The occupation also contributes to a profound sense of humiliation and resentment as Palestinians continue to live under the most dire conditions. The Israeli government’s policy of administering collective punishment, including road blocks, military incursions, the demolition of homes and the wholesale closure of the territories, is self–defeating. By contributing to mass unemployment, economic destitution and homelessness, the policy only increases the pool of extremist recruits and threatens the viability of Palestinian communities. DSA Resolution 2004

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An August 2000 Newsletter of Obama’s Chicago Chapter, there is a discussion of the benefits of the various presidential candidates. Of Ralf Nader (famously Anti-Israel) it was said:

She mentioned Nader’s much stronger stance on Palestinian rights, among other things, and reminded the audience, as did Smucker, that Gore voted to confirm Antonin Scalia for the Supreme Court.

A May 2002 Newsletter promoted the falsehood that the second intifada was caused by Ariel Sharon and that there was a Massacre in Jenin:

Since September 11, US foreign policy has almost completely centered on the War on Terrorism. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon seized on this new focus and immediately painted the al-Aqsa Intifada as a part of this stated universal war. Ironically, it was, in fact, Sharon himself who helped provoke the Intifada by his cynical visit to al-Aqsa, a Mosque in Jerusalem. After a horrific suicide attack in Netanya on the first night of Passover this year, Sharon decided to send Israeli troops into the West Bank and Gaza Strip to arrest all suspected terrorists as well as to crush the terrorist network. These murky goals stand unaccomplished, as there is a new suicide bomber it seems every day. Since that step in the war, untold numbers of Palestinians have been killed, with the most graphic loss of life occurring at the Jenin refugee camp, where scenes of charred bodies and destroyed buildings stand as testament to folly of Sharon’s policies. The military moves of his administration can be considered war crimes under the Geneva Convention. Members of Fateh Youth, the fraternal organization of the YDS in Palestine, are imprisoned or missing. Untold numbers of families are split up, water supplies are cut off, and the fragile infrastructure built by Palestinians after fifty years of living in camps stand destroyed in Ramallah, Nablus, and all other cities in which Israel intervened.

Look, in itself, an endorsement of a DSA that is hostile to Israel is not enough to say that the Senator is not showing his true colors on Israel. But this on top of everything else..well lets just say I haven’t found any references to Obama and JNF meetings before he was running for president.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has a great post with more factual references to Obama’s PLO Contacts (including the above video) Its a MUST READ click here