President Obama’ attempt to make voters rebel because of sequester by cancelling White Tours isn’t working very well. In fact it seems to be biting our blamer-in-Chief in the arse.

Earlier in the week Obama said it wasn’t his decision but that of the Secret Service to cancel public White House tours.  A claim which surprisingly has been disputed by the liberal media.
Yesterday White House press secretary Jay Carney got a bit cranky because of a series of pointed questions asking if the president should be traveling less/scheduling fewer golf trips rather than taking away the American People’s access to their White House.

Even GOP Members of the House challenged the POTUS on the tour cancellations in a private meeting with the caucus yesterday

“Using the tours to send a message seemed like a surefire winner,” said Tobe Berkovitz, a professor of communications at Boston University who specializes in political communication and advertising. “I think the White House was expecting everyone to go ‘Oh, this is so horrible!’ but this time it didn’t play, perhaps because it was too overt.”

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The canceled tours prompted a pointed question to Obama from House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) during the president’s meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. Miller asked why Obama put an end to the tours instead of just cancelling the congressional Christmas party or the congressional picnic.

When Obama said the decision was prompted by the Secret Service, some lawmakers groaned in disbelief.

“Now, now, let’s be respectful,” Obama replied.

Respect goes both ways, and lying about the secret service is not respectful. The President’s claim was even disputed by his own Press Secretary:

Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing sought to place responsibility for the decision on the White House, not the Secret Service.

“We had to cancel the tours, it’s our job to cancel the tours,” Carney explained. “[The Secret Service] cannot cancel them … this is not a tour of the Secret Service building. It’s a tour of the White House and the grounds, and we run the tours and the invitations and that process.”

..Reporters at the White House briefing returned to the topic when they questioned Carney about how much it would cost Obama to travel to Illinois later in the week.
The White House spokesman responded by saying that Obama travels around the country “appropriately” and that he “has to travel around the world.”
“It’s his job,” Carney said.

Polls are showing that Obama’s creating sequester overreach is not working:

Nearly two weeks after the sequester was triggered, only a small slice of Americans disapprove of the spending cuts, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll out Wednesday. And nearly three quarters of those surveyed said they haven’t felt the across-the-board cuts.

The doom and gloom about the sequester is turning out to be the political equivalent of the Dec. 21, 2012 Mayan apocalypse.