Last week, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli PM Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu “lost it” at US Ambassador US Ambassador Dan Shapiro over President  Obama’s handling
of Iran’s nuclear program, saying “time has run out” for diplomacy. Present at the outburst was Congressman Mike Rogers.

After the incident hit the papers Ambassador  Shapiro dismissed the reports,

“That’s a very silly story,” Shapiro said. “The published account of
that meeting did not reflect what actually occurred in the meeting. The
conversations were entirely friendly and professional. They always are. I
always speak respectfully with the prime minister, just as the prime
minister always speaks respectfully with me. And that really
characterizes all of the dialogue between our governments.”

But Congressman Rogers appeared on WJR’s  Frank Beckmann show and told a totally contrary story. He said the meeting, originally scheduled to be a discussion of
intelligence and technical issues between himself and Bibi went out of control when Netanyahu began to flip out at Ambassador Shapiro
over Obama’s Iran policy.  Rogers described the tenor of the meeting as:

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“Very tense. Some very
sharp… exchanges and it was very, very clear the Israelis had lost
their patience with the (Obama) Administration. There was
no doubt. You could not walk out of that meeting and think that they had
not lost their patience with this Administration. We’ve had sharp exchanges with other heads of state and in
intelligence services and other things, but nothing at that level that
I’ve seen in all my time where people were clearly that agitated,
clearly that worked up about a particular issue where there was a very
sharp exchange,”

Netanyahu is upset that Obama is reluctant the White House’s “red lines” on Iran’s nuclear
program, which if crossed, would call for the use of  force
against Iran.  Rogers thinks that neither  Israel or Iran believe Obama will use force to stop Iran
from developing a nuclear weapon.

“Certainly when you walk out of that meeting you get the feeling that
they [Israel] are finally at wits’ end, and that’s what concerned me
about the meeting,”

was asked how long the Israelis believe Tehran is from being able to placed weaponized uranium into a missile

“The Israelis believe it’s short I mean, Netanyahu made
it very clear he thought it was a matter of weeks. If they decide to do
the dash it could be four weeks to eight weeks, which is a month or
two months. Our intelligence analysts believe it would be a little
longer than that. But the problem is, nobody really knows for sure. But
we do know, and I think everyone agrees, including, you know, our
European intelligence allies and other things that they are clearly
marching down this road.”

Obama keeps saying there is no daylight between his administration and Israel on Iran, but Rogers believes that this president’s lack of a backbone in setting a clear red line for Iran makes an Israeli attack on Iran more likely.

The Atlantic has a transcript of the entire interview.