Today the Obama administration unveiled what it promised would be the last “emergency,” “supplemental” spending bill to cover the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The total of $83.4 billion is supposed to pay for the two wars for the rest of the fiscal year. The President is using the emergency request as an excuse to slip money to North Korea and the Palestinians.  Included within that $83.4 Billion is over $800 million for the West Bank and Gaza and $95 Million for North Korea and another $45 Million for Zimbabwe.

Maybe I’m missing something but didn’t North Korea just launched a missile when we asked them not to? And if this is supposed to be a supplemental expenditure for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars why is almost one billion  of it going to the PA? Below are the pertinent parts of the President’s request:

  •  For an additional amount for “Migration and Refugee Assistance”, $293,000,000, to remain available until expended. This proposal would provide $293 million for Migration and Refugee Assistance. The request includes: $108 million for basic social services to Iraqi refugees, internally displaced persons and conflict victims; $25 million for assistance to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and $125 million to support emergency humanitarian needs in Gaza and the West Bank; $7 million to address humanitarian needs in South Asia, including Afghanistan and Pakistan; $15 million to address displacement and humanitarian needs related to violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo; $10 million to respond to food pipeline breaks in Africa; and $3 million to assist Burmese refugees.

  • For an additional amount for “International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement”, $389,500,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010. This proposal would provide $389.5 million for International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement. The request includes: $20 million for judicial capacity building and police transition planning in Iraq; $65.5 million for Pakistan for stabilization operations and security sector reform; $129 million for Afghanistan for counter narcotics programs and to support Afghanistan’s central and provincial justice institutions; $109 million to train and equip Palestinian security forces and to enhance security along the Gaza border; and $66 million for Mexico to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.
  • $556 million for West Bank/Gaza including $200 million for budget support to the Palestinian Authority; $93 million for institutional capacity building, and investments in education and social services in the West Bank; $12 million for humanitarian assistance in the West Bank; $60 million to promote West Bank economic growth; $30 million to support governance and rule of law in the West Bank; $95 million to support programs in Gaza to improve basic human needs, support economic recovery, create jobs, and restore some humanitarian essential services; $61 million for immediate humanitarian and food relief to Gazans through well-established international organizations; $5 million for contractor and locally engaged staff, program oversight, and related security and other support costs
  • $95 million to provide Heavy Fuel Oil or equivalent to North Korea to support the goals of the Six Party Talks and $45 million for Zimbabwe to re-establish and strengthen democratic institutions, provide social safety nets, ensure critical health interventions and support economic revitalization in the wake of contentious national elections; and $13 million for humanitarian assistance for Burma.