Day by day the rocket attacks from Gaza into civilian areas of Israel and now that the IDF has FINALLY RETALIATED, everyone has commented. The Arab nations, as expected blasted Israel. Both the President and SOS have made statements asking for a cease-fire but blaming the years of Hamas rocket/mortar attacks for the rise in violence.

Even Jewish Kappo, and former state department Mid-east guru Aaron David Miller said SOMETHING. The violence in Gaza “is going to make an already dramatically complicated situation worse” he said “It’s going to reduce already slim odds for peace.”

But what of the Democratic Messiah, President-elect Barack “Don’t use my Middle Name” Obama. When he was running for office, didn’t he calm the liberal Jewish vote by saying that he understood why Israel wouldn’t stand for the Hamas missiles? So now that he has been elected and what did he say? It seems natural that he would say something similar to what Bush said, at least if he was as big a friend of Israel as he claimed.

The President elect, was strangely silent. SOS Condoleezza called the President-elect on Saturday about the violence in Gaza and here is what he had to say “The president-elect appreciated the call and the information from Secretary Rice,” one aide said, adding that Obama initiated the eight-minute phone call. “He will continue to closely monitor these and other global events.”

THAT’S IT!!!??? No “Israel has a right to defend itself against the missiles but I really think there should be a cease fire”. No “Hamas brought this upon itself”. Not even a comment bashing terrorism or the fact that Hamas uses the civilians in Gaza as human shields.

Why would such a big friend of Israel be so silent about the nation defending herself? Well, here’s a message to the gullible 78% of Jews that voted for Obama–He is NOT pro-Israel. That’s why he was strangely silent today. The man who’s Mid-East advisers include the Israel-hating Samantha Power, Robert Malley and Richard Lugar was quiet when he could have shown Israel some support. That silence speaks volumes. If he was pro-Israel he would have said something. That’s because the President-elect is not ready to play his anti-Israel hand. But don’t worry he won’t be silent in the future, but supporters of Israel will WISH he stayed silent.