Many Federal programs are designed to help people in need.  According to Newsbusted Anchor Jodi Miller, there is at least one program were that person in need is President Obama.  In this exclusive (and funny) report Ms Miller explains how the administration may be using federal programs to create new Democrats (after all—it is the Chicago way).

The other exclusives covered in today’s edition of the twice-weekly feature from  include the real secret behind McDonald’s business success, President Obama’s new unusual method of counting agricultural jobs created or saved,  the story behind PBS’s most accurate reporting in years, and so much more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this issue of  Newsbusted.  Anthony Weiner will grab a lawn chair and sit on your front lawn holding a sign with a picture of his junk and the words, I will not resign. Remember you have been warned.

And if you cannot see the video below—please click here.